Do I have skin cancer?


I’m headed to the doctor tomorrow to have a suspicious spot on my face checked. Strangely, in just two days a once silent brown “spot” has turned a pearly, pink color and is very sore and itchy. Naturally, I’m worried. And have every reason to be freaking out just a bit. Until two years ago, I worshipped the sun and spent hours upon hours in tanning booths. I started when I was just 15-years-old. Any chance I could get to lie out in the sun or take advantage of a tanning booth, I was there. It wasn’t until I noticed the skin on my arms and legs taking on a leathery appearance that I finally gave up this dangerous addiction – which I do believe it is. I could never be dark enough. I could never go often enough. Losing a day of tanning caused me to feel depressed. Sad, huh? But that is the reality for many women and a seemingly increasing number of young women.

Now I sit here wondering if time and bad habits have finally caught up to me. What if? What if this once dormant spot is now an active volcano? I’m scared. Genuinely. I have a new baby, three other kids and just married the love of my life. I have so many things I still want to do and I’d like to do them with my face still attached. Of course, I would choose life over a face – but you get my drift.

I’d like to encourage women – young and still young – to please… PLEASE, if you tan, stop! There are so many alternatives and great products on the market to help you achieve a natural-looking golden glow. I’m not even sure yet if what is happening to me is skin cancer, but I do know that if it is there is a good chance I could have prevented it. That will be hard to swallow.


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