Tap Water For Sale! Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC)!


The summer Olympics are almost upon us.

In other news, you really can sell snow to a polar bear. Did you hear about this “water-only café” that opened in Manhattan? That’s right. For just $2.50, you can get ridden like…I mean, you can get yourself a one-of-a-kind 16-ounce glass of water. Tap water. Now, don’t get me wrong. This tap water has journeyed through a $20,000 filtration system, making it Queen of all Water. And you can add a bunch of different supplements that sound like they replace The Hair Club for Men, Viagra and penicillin all in a sip. The only requirement? Bring your own container. Yep. Don’t expect to find any red SOLO cups here. But they will do the rest of the work for you. You know, turn the lever on and fill up your cup. All for the bargain price of $2.50.

Okay. I’m being a little sarcastic here. People pay for stuff they can get for free all the time – like insane workouts. But this…this is just so far out there. According to public health officials and independent testing, New York City water is among the safest in the world. I don’t know how that ranks with regards to taste, but most home filtration systems remove a good chunk of remaining impurities. The cost of adding one to your own setup would probably be less than the $2.50 per day for a cup of Queen of all Water. Sure. We coffee fanatics will pay double that for a good cup of java, but coffee prep is in art form. Most home machines do not match the skilled fancy of a Starbucks brew.

Aside from just not getting it, I’m also slightly annoyed and offended by how they are classifying this establishment. Please don’t desecrate the temple that is the café. If all you’re selling is water out of a faucet, you’re operating a hole. It’s called a watering hole.

What are your thoughts? Is this water-café a ground-breaking idea? Or are the operators all wet?



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