Cow Patty Hopscotch – It’s a Maine Thang


I’m from Maine. Was born here. Raised here. It’s where I call home. Now for those of you who have only experienced Maine through the few movies where a film has been shot or where the storyline takes place, don’t believe everything you see. We are not all a bunch of funny-talking, toothless wonders who haven’t a clue whether or not the earth is flat or round. Seriously. I have never talked with a “downeast” accent or picked my nose while conversing with a group of strangers. But I am from Maine. So I do have my quirks. One of these quirks, which I have admittedly outgrown, my children can’t seem to wrap their heads around. Growing up, we liked to play cow patty hopscotch. Don’t know what a cow patty is? I’m sure you can guess, but if not check out the description here.

Yes. We used to step in wet cow patties bare-footed as we walked down the road or paths where they were led to pasture. If you missed one, you lost. Back then, miles away from the nearest city and civilization, it seemed perfectly normal to engage in such an activity. Even today, I don’t see much wrong with it. Gross? Maybe. But it’s not like we crawled through it or added it to the top of our salads. It’s just cow poop people. And kids – you have done so many weird, bizarre and downright ludicrous things – I find it hard to believe that you would find my days of stepping in steer dung preposterous.

Is there a game or activity that you participated in as a child that your own children now find incomprehensible? Do share mommas!


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