Parents Of Facebook Share What Kid Cabin Fever Looks Like


The parents of the web have settled into winter and they are fighting the cold with funny.


These hilarious parents on Facebook are coping with the real life situations of messy rooms, exaggerated expectations, and an occasional unauthorized game of living room Scramble with grace, patience, and humor.

Laugh along with this week’s finest as we share this week’s funniest Facebook posts!

1. Points for creativity. And possibly some counseling. (Oh, Honestly-Real Life for Real Moms)

2. An eternity. (Julie Maida)

3. Words of encouragement from Mom. (Rach Riot)

4. Until I open a snack. (Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine?)

5. Wise beyond his years. (Dude Mom)

6. No. No, you are not.  (Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington)


7. Precious moments. (Susanne Kerns – Writer)

8. I love you…r food. (Mia Carella, Writer)

9. It isn’t. It never is.  (The Messy Christian)

Nothing like some laughs to warm you up on a cold winter day!
















  1. Duughter- Mama , I’m 4 right?
    Me- Yes baby girl, you are 4
    Daughter- When I’m gonna be a adult?
    Me- Oh not for a long time sweetheart, why?
    Daughter- Do all adults work?
    Me – Well most adults do yes.
    Daughter- thinks for a moment then says “Then I don’t wanna be a adult, I wanna be a princess!” ????
    Me- I’m with ya baby girl!


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