Family Fun Games To Play In The Car


Sometimes, road trips suck. I’m sure there are a few parents out there who agree with that statement. More specifically, I should say the time in the car traveling is the worst part, but sometimes, that’s just splitting hairs. When it comes to staying sane while traveling, why not test out some of these family fun games to play in the car? 


Travel games are great because they put the focus on something else besides the insane amount of miles you’re getting under your belt. 

If you’re gearing up for a road trip, prep ahead and think about introducing some of these fun road games as well. 

Family Fun Games To Play In The Car

It’s important to remember no matter what, the kids are probably going to groan just to make sure you know they do not want to play. 

But that’s expected. Such is life with kids. 

Have them take their eyes off their screens, remove their headphones, put down the book, and wake up long enough to be a part of the fun. 

Travel games don’t have to be played for the entire duration of your trip. They’re just something to have fun with here and there. 

family playing games in the car on a road trip
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Playing ISpy on the road is actually a lot of fun. Add to the rules that it can’t be something you just passed on the road that no one will ever get — and then get started.

Use minimal clues to have everyone else in the car find what you’re looking for! 

License Plate Game 

Maybe there’s a more technical name for this game — maybe not. But the premise is that you try and find a license plate for each state. Obviously, the hardest ones are going to be Hawaii and Alaska, unless that’s the place you’re visiting or traveling in. 

Print out a map of the US (or have the kids write out all 50 states) and mark them off the list as you find them. 


Who knew you could literally play the game of BINGO anywhere and everywhere you go? All you need are some fun travel-related BINGO cards and the Game. Is. On. 

The first person who can get BINGO based on the items of their cards, wins. (And what do they win? That’s totally up to you.) 

Would You Rather

These questions are great for adults and kids to share a little more about their likes and dislikes. You might be surprised when they answer “this or that” questions like, “Would you rather be able to play the piano or play the guitar?”

Name That Tune

This might be one of the best ways to drive the kids nuts and show off your music knowledge. Turn on the radio, and see who can name that tune the fastest. 

Make sure to keep it fair and bounce back and forth to some of the “oldies” and the current songs so everyone in the car has a chance. (But please – no baby shark!)

See how much fun you can have while taking a family road trip? Don’t pass up the chance to bond with the kids in a fun and new way!

The hours on the road will pass a lot more quickly if you’re able to play some fun games together. (And snacks — don’t forget the snacks!) 



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