10 Ways To Bond With Your Daughter


Being a mom can be a great experience, especially when you have daughters. But how do you bond with your daughter?


First, think about what brings your girl(s) joy, and then see how you can be a bigger part of it. And what better way to bond with your girl(s) than being her confidant and best friend!

Here are the 10 best ways to connect with your daughter, which make for better bonding and communication:

Bond with Your Daughter Through Reading

“If your daughter loves to read, then read with her,” says Claudia Somerset, a relationship writer at Australia2write.com and Writemyx.com.

“Or, if your daughter is young, you can read to her. Either way, after the reading, you can talk to each other about the story, which can turn into a mini book club for the two of you.”

Keep in mind that you should select books that your daughter enjoys, and then create great discussions on those favored stories.

Be Authentic With Your Daughter

It’s important to be authentic as a mother. Don’t try to force bonding to happen, or else it will backfire on you.

Instead, take it slow. Exhibit truthfulness, love, and kindness to your daughter. Even as she grows up, she’ll still want to have a relationship with you.

Bond With Your Daughter By Earning Her Trust

Earning trust is crucial in your relationship with your daughter. Sometimes, your daughter will feel uncomfortable about certain things, and would want to tell someone about them.

When you earn her trust, she’ll be more than happy to open up to you. This is another good example of great communication, with trust as a foundation.

Watch TV Together

What’s more fun than movie night? Having movie night with your daughter can be fun, especially when you have discussions during and after the movie.

You can find a great movie or show for you and your daughter can binge-watch, and throw in some popcorn and cookies. This allows you to have great conversations with her by delving into her favorite topics and interests.

Try Not To Overreact 

It’s important to keep your cool, as you communicate with your daughter about anything. She won’t talk to you, if you lose it. Be a good listener, not a full-blown critic.

Bond With Your Daughter With Makeovers

Makeovers are great pastime for women. So, why not treat your daughter to a makeover? This not only builds her trust, but it also lets her know that you care about her.

Have In-Home Spas Together

Want to treat your daughter some more? How about a day of pampering?

If you can, you can plan a day of relaxation by creating your own spa, or you can schedule an appointment at a spa treatment center. However, in-home spas are way more fun and inexpensive.

With in-home spas, you can give each other pedicures and manicures. And, you can treat each other with bath salts and other beauty products. Many spa kits are inexpensive, and can be bought at reputable retailers (physical and online).

Plus, you two can share stories as you treat each other in your homemade spa time.

Bond With Your Daughter By Asking For HER Advice

Mothers aren’t the only voices of reason in the household. Sometimes, mothers can learn from their daughters. Now, you don’t have to burden her with serious issues.

Instead, find something you’re trying to make a decision about, and then have her help you with it. This helps you and your daughter have mutual respect for each other.

Surprise Her With Something Nice

“Daughters love to receive gifts,” says Libby Goddard, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent.com and Nextcoursework.com. “So, why not give her something small and unexpected? This lets her know that you’re thinking about her. Don’t worry about money. Try to be creative. Even a simple kind note can make her day. It not only makes for better communication, but also deepens your connection with her.”

Bond With Your Daughter Through Journaling

Writing doesn’t have to be digital. You can still handwrite.

If your daughter likes to write, then get her a pretty journal with pens. Also, encourage her to write stories and diaries. And, if she wants, she can share her writings with you. It’s a special way for her to express herself, and she’ll thank you for it.

You don’t have to struggle with how to create a great bond with your daughter. By reading these 10 tips, you’ll not only have a good relationship with her, but you’ll also have fun doing so.

Michael Dehoyos writes at Write my personal statement and Thesis writing service. He is also a contributing writer for Origin Writings. As a marketing expert, he helps companies improve their marketing strategies and adapt new concepts.


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