Girl Dads Share Their Daughter-Led “Makeovers” On Twitter & It’s The Cutest Damn Thing Ever


Parenting often requires sacrifice- sometimes in major ways (think: extra disposable income. SLEEP.), but also in little ways that turn out to be quite meaningful to our kids.


Many a mom has found herself on the receiving end of their child’s “experimenting” with makeup. We’ve been glittered, powdered, blushed, contoured, and painted- often with unintentionally hilarious results.

But it turns out that sacrificing your face (and it’s safety in the proximity of a child’s mascara wand) isn’t just Mommy’s job anymore- little girls are getting cosmetically creative with their dads, too!

One dad served as a willing guinea pig for his daughters to try out their Christmas makeup kit, & his post of the adorably amusing results spawned a sweet series of pics featuring #girldads sporting their own daughter-led “makeovers”.

Single dad Brad Cubbie’s daughters received makeup kits for Christmas this year. And while applying makeup to your own face can be fun, applying makeup to your dad’s face is!

While some fathers would take a hard pass on the makeup front, Brad’s a cool dad. Not only did he serve as a willing cosmetic guinea pig for his (likely thrilled) little girls, but he posted his dramatic “makeover” on Twitter.

And the results were certainly, well, glowing.

Granted, their contouring skills are a work in progress, but Brad’s daughters certainly gave his cheeks a rosy shine.

And his nose. And his forehead.

Some might consider bright blue eye shadow to be a cosmetic faux pas, but when it comes to BLUE, Brad’s girls obviously adopted the “go big or go home” approach with it… to the enthusiastic reception of many.

Well, ok, to the enthusiastic reception of ONE:


Clearly Brad’s a good sport when it comes to bonding with his daughters by engaging in THEIR interests, & fellow dads began sharing their own sweet snaps on his Twitter thread.

Pay attention newbie fathers; here’s the secret to being a great #girldad:


And be prepared, Daddies- it starts early.

  Makeup is an inevitable part of parenting daughters; most of them will end up wearing it, and many of them will want you, Dad, to wear it, too:

  (Further proof that blue eyeshadow is so “in”… with the under-10 set, anyway.)

As this father points out, it’s a rite of passage, and one that can be shared in tandem with a thrilled, equally decorated daughter:


It turns out there’s an army of cool dads out there that, like Brad, are all too willing to have their faces “cosmetically enhanced” by their daughters.

(The glitter is the best… or it’s the hat. Maybe the hat AND the glitter, but so, so good.)

This dad looks like he took a few jabs to the eyes with the mascara wand, but a great sport!

(No, you’re not alone. And in terms of torture, just be glad your eyes didn’t get the mascara mauling that the prior dad’s eyes did, guy.)

You really are pretty -no, BEAUTIFUL-, Dad. On the inside, too, for bonding with your baby girl.

I don’t know what’s better in this one: the little girl’s creative swirl design, or the father’s hilariously pained expression…

Makeup can even be fun for the whole family! (Though I’ll say it- Dad’s makeup beats Mom’s here. Fight me.)


Some have SERIOUS skill- how jealous are you of this dad dude’s stunning eyes right now???

  And how about this dad’s facial hair makeover?? (It ROCKS!)

Makeovers aren’t always limited to strictly facial makup, of course; daddy-daughter bonding time can also include:




While the pics featured are both amusing AND adorable, they are also a reminder that there are many great dads out there that are not only threatened by the idea of wearing makeup, but readily do so to make their little girls happy.

And in short, that’s frigging awesome.

After all, while the makeup is (thankfully) temporary, the bond that grows from special moments like this is forever.




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