Here’s Your Baby Fever Cure – Get A Puppy


Recently, I’ve settled on the perfect baby fever cure. My baby is about to turn three years old. Though I’ve known for awhile that he’s the last one and I’m pretty good with that decision, every now and then baby fever strikes where it saddens me that I’m letting go of these soft cuddly moments of young babes in my house.

But, here’s how I cured that – we got a puppy.

Struggling with the decision to have another baby? Have baby fever? Here is the number one secret to curing the baby fever. #babyfever #babies #filterfreeparents

I’ve discovered a whole list of reasons why a puppy is a better choice for your baby fever cure: 


Your Nipples Will Thank You

Need I really say more. Puppies, unlike those newborn jaws, are not going to suck your poor nipples to the point of cracking and bleeding. Puppies shouldn’t be sucking on your nipples period so you get to keep your breasts to yourself with a puppy.

They Will not Grow to Have Opposable Thumbs to Barge into the Bathroom

If your bathroom door locks then no intruder invading your bathroom time with a puppy. Their lack of opposable thumbs makes it impossible for them to figure out how to open the door to “assist” you in the bathroom like all the other toddlers in your house.

No need for more bedroom or crib space for them

Puppies can literally sleep in a box without it involving a call to CPS. I was out of space in my house for another baby and though by the third or fourth kid it may seem pointless to get them their own beds since they never sleep in them, you can’t get away with putting a baby to bed in a small kennel or box like you can a puppy.

You can leave them alone in a cage (kennel) unattended

One of the biggest pains in the butt with a new baby is having to haul them out of the house with you every time you need to go somewhere. But with a puppy you can leave them unattended in a kennel! This is not a cool parenting move with a baby but it’s seen as acceptable if it’s not for excessive amounts of time with a puppy.

You don’t need to squeeze another carseat in your car

There is no room for another carseat in my car so unless a child is permitted to ride in the back of my Jeep unbuckled, there’s no room for another kid, which is why settling for a puppy is a better solution since they can ride in the back of the Jeep unbuckled.

Struggling with the decision to have another baby? Have baby fever? Here is the number one secret to curing the baby fever. #babyfever #babies #filterfreeparents

With a puppy – you avoid mom shaming and judging

I’d like to think by opting for a puppy over a baby, you avoid the mom shaming that comes with motherhood, but I’m actually not so sure about this one. There are some pretty crazy dog mom judgers out there. Pretty sure I’ve been mom judged as a doggy mom more than I have as a human mom.

A puppy sounds so much more low maintenance than a newborn, right? Hopefully, this little darling puppy is the baby fever cure that will stick. Though the last time we brought a puppy home, I still ended up with a baby less than two years later. I may have a houseful of puppies until it’s time for grandchildren but for now my baby fever is cured.

Photo Credit: Angela Glenn


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