Hilarious “PSA” Goes Viral About Sitting On The Throne While Scrolling – “Wipe Your Ass And Rejoin Society.”


It took 17 years of marriage for my husband and I to realize that we do have a shared love language, and that is sending each other TikToks.


My problem, however, is that he watches TikTok from the family throne every morning and it takes him f o r e v e r to finish.

So, when I found this video, I almost peed myself from laughing and then I immediately sent it to my husband.

Yes, he watched it from the toilet. No, I’m not sorry.

screenshot of dark haired woman on TikTok
Credit: TIkTok/_ayninova_

“Oh, hey there,” _ayninova_ begins. “the person who sent you this video believes that you have been in the bathroom for an awfully long time.”

Buckle up, this is the PSA you didn’t know you needed.

The video has been viewed 63K times and has nearly 2,000 comments, all of them hilariously relatable. 

“In fact, they believe it is in fact impossible for one person to take so long to empty their bowels,” _ayninova_ continues. 

“So, unless you are on a long-distance call to Satan through your asshole, or have discovered the Lost City of Atlantis in the depths of your toilet bowl, kindly wipe your ass and rejoin society.”

But she’s not quite done, because the punchline is brilliantly funny if the person you’re sending this to is, in fact, on a toilet while watching. 

“And be careful, I”m sure at this point, you’ve lost feeling in both your legs.”

If the video doesn’t have you in stitches then surely the comments will, because they are absolutely hilarious. 

ExMentis1 responded, “I am, in fact, on the toilet right now, and have lost feeling in my right foot. That being said, no, I will not leave.”

Fun fact; my husband had a similar response that he yelled through the bathroom door lol. 

Fartbox133 (who has an oddly appropriate user name given this content) wrote, “my mom sent me this from Ohio while I”m on the toilet. I’m in Florida.”

Can you imagine getting trolled from several states away? 

TikTok user, Emma Anderson, had the same idea that I did, but I have to send a friendly warning that if you really do send the same video every day, you’ll get temporarily blocked by your super annoyed spouse. 

Several folks thought it was really weird that TikTok only shows them videos like this while they’re in the bathroom.

Like, this guy who wrote, “oh man, this algorithm is tracking even to the bathroom! Come on!

But the For Your Page doesn’t always get it right as one user points out.

Alex_Kulr writes, “damn, my fyp [For Your Page] thinks I’m in the bathroom when in actuality, I’m in the kitchen waiting for my hot pockets to be done.”

Now, I get it.

Sometimes as a parent the only way we get a break from all the crazy that comes with raising tiny humans is to hide in the bathroom and scroll until a limb falls asleep.

As much as I give my husband a rash of shit, the truth is that when I go to the grocery store, I walk slower than the elderly ladies I end up behind.

We take our mental health breaks when and where we can. But this video, as funny as it is, is the PSA in joke form that some of us need to give our partners the gentle nudge that perhaps they’ve had enough time. 

This video has me thinking about other PSA’s that I really wish someone would make videos for.

Like, “pick up your damn socks off the floor,” and “quite leaving your f**king shoes directly in the front of the door,” and also, “if you empty it, throw it away, FFS.” 

In the meantime, I’m sending this video to all of my partnered friends.

You never know who will need this. 

You can watch the full video here: 


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