Kraft Tweets Reveal of Mac & Cheese For “Breakfast” & They Clearly Understand Us in 2020


Kraft mac & cheese is as synonymous with childhood as sticky hands & shouts of “Watch this!”. Many of us grew up on the neon-orange powdered cheese pasta delicacy… unless your mom was like mine, who insisted that the store brand was “just as good” as the real thing.

(Spoiler alert: it’s NOT.)


Kraft macaroni & cheese has been around for a long time; the company has a knack for knowing it’s demographic well, & they’ve pretty much cornered the market on boxed mac & cheese options.

But 2020 is a horse of it’s own putrid color, and even Kraft is attempting to revamp it’s campaign to suit this year’s “unique” vibe. (And by “unique”, we mean TOTAL DUMPSTER FIRE.)

Kraft just unveiled their newest product advertisement that features their mac & cheese as an ideal “breakfast” option, & it’s clearly reading the room in terms of where we’re all at right now.

Kraft is has been promoting a new angle for their macaroni & cheese product, and featured the novel approach on Twitter:

The confusion for many:

Kraft Mac & Cheese. Now for breakfast.

“Now” for breakfast? Is this a new thing, Kraft? Because it’s 2020, and when it comes to carb consumption, there are no rules.

Isn’t it about time that the most important meal of the day is also the tastiest?

Here’s the thing, Kraft. Time no longer has meaning, since many of us have been frozen in a bizarre limbo of virtual learning/remote work-from-home/social distancing hell since March.

So “isn’t it about time”? Well, no, it’s really NOT about time anymore- since we’ve all we’ve got is TIME.

And as far as the most important meal of the day; many of us have lost track of what day it even is, or how many meals we’ve already consumed on any given day, so all 7 of my daily meals are feeling equally important (thanks, UberEats).

Granted, college students and those with hangovers have probably been breakfasting on mac & cheese for ages… but thanks to Kraft, the idea now officially open to the general public!

Some people obviously had strong reactions to the idea:

  Granted, some people have already enjoyed Kraft mac & cheese as breakfast… technically.

Others accept that this is just where we are now. Carpe diem- seize the (powdered) cheese. Cook the noodles, or don’t. Whatevs.

For some, the acceptance of publicly declaring Kraft mac & cheese an official breakfast food takes things to a whole new level:

Although I’m not feeling mac & cheese before, say, 9am, I am in TOTAL agreement with this fact:

(I don’t care what the serving size claims- one box IS a single serving. Period.)

But as one observant tweeter pointed out, at least it’s a balanced breakfast. Almost.

The most interesting aspect of Kraft’s attempt to re-market their mac & cheese dinner as a breakfast option? They just slapped the word “breakfast” on it & called it a day.

Here’s how it likely played out between the boardroom executives deciding how to package the “breakfast” idea:

“Pop the word breakfast front & center on the box!”

“But we’ve already got the word dinner down on the bott-”

“-It’s 2020; anything goes.”

Personally, I think Andy’s onto this whole “marketing strategy”:

Or maybe THIS should have been their campaign slogan:

(I feel seen, Kraft.)

While it’s clear that many have been dining on Kraft mac & cheese at all hours for years, Kraft’s decision to “rebrand” their dinner staple as a breakfast food just shows that like the rest of us, Kraft knows that in 2020, all carbs are fair game at ALL TIMES of day or night.



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