If You’re a Dirty Bird with a Foul Mouth, You Will Kill it at Lewdle – The Dirty Version Of Wordle


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of – or even played – the new mega-viral hit, Wordle.

It is a highly addictive, daily word game with some charming aspects about it that has everyone feeling a brief, sweet respite from the ongoing dumpster fire that is 2022. 

My favorite part of Wordle is that you only get one game a day.

However, some say you can cheat the system and play more than one game. But there is a beautiful silent agreement that everyone seems to adhere to, to not share what the Wordle word of the day is.

And so people plug away at trying to figure out what the five-letter word will be, and then dutifully upload their score to Facebook.

The success of Wordle has surprised many.

It was introduced back in October of 2021 and almost immediately shot to meteoric popularity.

The game was invented by a software engineer, Josh Wardle, who sold it to the New York Times for a nice little stash of cash “in the low seven figures.

For now, NYT says that the game will remain free, but it might soon join the suit of other games like Spelling Bee (of which I am a daily player and huge fan) Vertex, Tile, and Mini Crossword that together cost $20 for a year subscription package. 

Wordle has nothing to do with Covid or politics or the economy, which might be why it exploded online. Also? It’s just plain, wholesome fun.

Wordle a weirdly satisfying community-building game. But, did you know there are more salacious versions? 

If you want something a little spicier, you can try Lewdle. Or Sweardle.

Lewdle plays exactly the way Wordle does, you get six tries to figure out the Lewdle word of the day.

Every grey letter is out, every yellow letter is correct but in the wrong spot, and every green letter is exactly where it ought to be.

If you’re a dirty bird with a foul mouth, you will kill it at Lewdle. 

But before you play, be warned! According to the Lewdle game,

“Lewdle is a game about rude words. If you’re likely to be offended by the use of profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, go play Wordle instead!”

If you are prepared to proceed then let your freak flag fly and get as nasty with your language as you dare to get.

Just be careful! My eight-year-old snuck up behind me while I was testing this game out – for this story – and his little voice piped up, “Mom? What does queef mean?”

Thank God my husband walked into the room. Without missing a beat he said, “Oh, it’s a rude way to say ‘Queen Chief’.” I choked back a laugh.

We convinced our kid that it’s super rude to say that word and he promised to “tuck into the pocket in his brain where the F word lives,” and OMG. 

Sweardle is a bit tougher.

If your vocabulary of swear words consists mostly of the classics, like mine, then you will find this game very challenging.

You get only four tries and each word is only four letters. And the worst part, in my humble, vanilla opinion, is that they don’t tell you the word of the day if you fail the way Wordle does.

Nor does it have a timer to let you know when you can play again the way Wordle and Lewdle have.

Whatever your choice for word games, just know that there is a whole seedy underbelly of hilarious word scramble games that you can use to help relax your brain.

Because let’s face it, we’re living through what feels like End Times. So, why the f**k not play sweary games?



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