How to Rock Motherhood!


Ever wonder how all these perfectly dressed moms with great hair at school pickup do it? By this I mean how are they rocking mommyhood so hard?! While I’m pulling up in my yoga pants and hoping that they don’t see the coffee stain on my shirt from this morning. So how can I rock motherhood like them?

I look around at all of these gorgeous moms with their perfectly behaved kids while I am yelling at my kid for the 3rd time to not climb the tree. I think to myself, “what am I doing wrong?” For a minute I just wish my life could always be so perfect. I wish I could look perfect, my kids could be perfect, and my marriage could be perfect.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have kids that actually listened to me?

Wouldn’t it be nice if my marriage was always easy and we never argued or disagreed?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the “perfect” life that these other moms seem to have?

Then I take a minute to really look around me. I see past the perfect and I see other moms just like me. I see the mom with the messy hair who’s kid is crying and wiping his boogers all over her pants.

I see the couple who is barely looking at each other and not talking because they must have had a disagreement on the way to pick up.

At this moment, I felt a sense of community. I felt relief of sorts. It was nice to know that I was not in this alone. That there were lots of other moms out there who were not always perfect and were ok with that!

I give credit to anyone who can be perfect ALL of the time. Although, I really do not think that is humanly possible. Nobody has kids that listen to them all of the time. Nobody can always look put together. Nobody can get along with their significant other 24/7.

That “perfect” life that I was so envious of a few minutes ago is nothing but a fairytale because nobody is perfect!

Then something happens. A feeling of gratitude washes over me. I am thankful to be standing there waiting for my kids, waiting to hear all about their day, waiting for their hugs and kisses.

You see, us moms need to stop striving for “perfect” and start appreciating the wonders of mommyhood. Your kids will only be little for so long so enjoy every moment. Let them play with their legos all over the house instead of trying to keep your house picture perfect. Let things be messy, let things be fun, let yourself enjoy being perfectly imperfect.

After all, you are already rocking mommyhood and your marriage in your own way. You just needed a pep talk.  


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