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Lisa is a Lifestyle, Family and Travel Writer who has a love of all things travel, all things food, and all things living life. She gives family travel tips, the inspiration to dream, and the real deal of family life. It is not always roses and daisies, but that's life!

To My Big Kids Living Their Best Lives – Here Are Some Rules.

When my kids were small, I dreamt of the days when they would be older and more independent. Man, I just looked forward to...

25 Truths Every Parent In The Trenches Understands

Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. I really wish people would have warned me of some things...

How to Rock Motherhood!

Ever wonder how all these perfectly dressed moms with great hair at school pickup do it? By this I mean how are they rocking mommyhood...

Every Mom’s Secret Wish List!

Of course, all of us moms LOVE our kids! But let's be honest here, every mom has their very own secret wish list. Being...

Dear Daughter!

As I watch my little girl grow into a young lady I still want to shield her from this harsh world. Unfortunately, I am...

All The Things I Have Forgotten Since Becoming a Mom!

We have all heard that saying, "pregnancy brain." Any woman who has been pregnant knows what I am talking about here. When I was...

19 Pieces of Advice for Expectant Mothers!

Yeah, you are having a baby! How exciting. Your days will soon be filled with snuggles and wet kisses and poop and an endless...