All The Things I Have Forgotten Since Becoming a Mom!


We have all heard that saying, “pregnancy brain.” Any woman who has been pregnant knows what I am talking about here. When I was pregnant with my little cherubs, I forgot an envelope with $200 in it at a restaurant when I took out my money to pay the bill. Needless to say, my waiter got a very generous $150 tip!


Nobody tells you that “pregnancy brain” turns into “mommy brain.” I still can’t remember anything. I am keeping Post It® in business all by myself over here with all of the notes I have stuck all over the place!

Because you are now a mom, all of these will become true at some point or another. Here are the things that I have forgotten:

To put the clothes in the dryer.

The loads of laundry that I have had to rewash because I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer are endless. Not to mention, the number of times I have had to redry clothes that are in the dryer because I left them in the dryer yesterday and they are now a wrinkled mess.

My train of thought.

Wait, what was I saying? You get the point here, right?!

My children’s names.

As a child, I remember being shocked that my mom could dare call me by the wrong name. Fast forward 40 years and I’m calling everyone by the wrong name. I haven’t totally lost it though. I still call the dog by the right name.

Where I hid the gifts.

Every year I am so proud of myself when I grab a Christmas gift for my kids that is on sale in June. Then December comes and where the heck did I put it? I’m not gonna tell you how many times I have had to rebuy something only to find it in the back of the closet a year later. Oh, that’s where I put it!

Why I went to the kitchen.

Why did I go into the kitchen again? This holds true for any room for that matter. Let me just stand here for a few minutes and maybe it will come to me. Nope, nothing. Oh well, I’ll just grab those dirty socks that someone left so nicely on the floor for me to pick up. I got something accomplished I guess.

My grocery list.

Remember how I mentioned all of those lists I now have to make. Well, they don’t help when I forget them on the kitchen counter. Now I’ll just play the guessing game in the grocery store and get all the stuff that I don’t need and none of the stuff that I do need.

What it is like to sleep for 8 hours in 1 night.

No, really. I can’t remember what that’s like…

Yup, there it is in writing. My brain hates me now that I am a mom! I will just give it my best effort and hope for the best. I can at least say that I have never forgotten anything truly important so I will take it as a win. Happy Remembering!!




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