Girl Scout Creates Clever Cookie Sale Video With Her Own Unique Remix Of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”


It’s Girl Scout cookie season, which for some is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It’s your one chance to stock up on that Thin Mint-y goodness, or the delicious coconut-crack that are Samoas. 

And Tagalongs? Peanut butter + chocolate = PERFECTION.

(And yes, all those other flavors they sell that I pretty much ignore because if it’s not minty or chocolate-y, I’m not buying.)


While Girl Scout cookies tend to sell themselves, some ambitious scouts have devised pretty clever methods to increase their sales quotas. 

Remember the enterprising young woman who sold hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies by setting up shop outside of a marijuana dispensary? BRILLIANT!

A clever 9-year-old Girl Scout created her own cookie-themed remix of Lizzo’s popular song “Truth Hurts” and posted it to YouTube in order to boost sales.

Photo Credit: Zak Vargo (YouTube)

Armory Vargo of Westerville, Ohio has been a Girl Scout since first grade, so she’s well-versed in the cookie sale game. 

But Amory decided she was putting her own spin on selling the goods by creating her own video. It’s an inspiring example of a young girl putting her creative entrepreneurial skills to use. 

And it makes me wish the Internet had existed when I was a Girl Scout, because Amory’s approach is WAY more fun that plodding door-to-door with your mom, hawking cookies. Trust me.

She spent two weeks writing and practicing her own lyrics, set to Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”. In Amory’s case, practice made perfect, because her video is perfectly adorable!

The video features Amory displaying the various cookie flavors available, and persuading her audience that these cookies rock.

Photo Credit: Zak Vargo (YouTube)

Cha-ching! I sell them, now I’m going camping!

(Amory’s goal was to sell 2020 boxes of cookies, which would reward her with a free week at Girl Scout summer camp.)


Photo Credit: Zak Vargo (YouTube)

I’m coming around… you can call me back.

Then there’s the sound… of you enjoying your snack.

Amory’s there for you, people. And if you want to order more boxes, she’s got your covered!


Photo Credit: Zak Vargo (YouTube)

You can text me orders right to my face.

Tagalong with a peanut butter center… chocolate outside, couldn’t be better.

(She’s right. They’re seriously amazing.)

Fresh lemons, with a bomb icing… Lemon Ups are really new & exciting.

(I don’t even like lemon, but this kid is so cute I just might buy them….)

Truth is, I’m out here really trying.

(You are, kiddo. So proud of you. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!)

Amory’s effort has paid off, and not just in cookie sales. Her YouTube video has earned over 104K views in just one week.

In terms of box sales, she is currently only 939 boxes away from her goal, according to her digital Girl Scout Order Card.

Yes, Amory’s video approach is definitely cool, but her motivation for choosing Lizzo’s song is even cooler.

 Although Amory had toyed around with using other popular songs, it turns out she’s a huge fan of Lizzo. Her mother Samantha explained why when interviewed by The Today Show:

she loves lizzo, and we listen to Lizzo at home. I really love the message Lizzo shares about loving who you are, being independent.

It resonates well with a young girl I feel, being comfortable with our bodies is so important, and so difficult, in the modern age.

Could there BE a better reason for choosing Lizzo as the source of inspiration for empowering a Girl Scout??  

The intention of Girl Scouts of America is to prepare young women to empower themselves, through exercises in leadership, entrepreneurship, and active citizenship.

It’s so important for girls today to be encouraged to think “outside of the box”. Not just in terms of cookies sales, of course (though well-applied in this case), but in terms of embracing their capabilities to their fullest extent.

Props to Amory Vargo for creating such a fun spin on her sales!

Here’s her video in full:


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