How We Handled Nighttime Bedwetting


As a mother, I know that no matter how closely I follow all the advice on potty training my kid, accidents will happen. But once the potty-training years are over and kids get bigger, bedwetting accidents can come as both a surprise and a concern. Thankfully, bedwetting in older kids is usually a temporary issue.


When my child went through a bedwetting phase, it was tough not to take it personally. I Googled solutions, asked my mom friends what to do, and even began to wonder if I had potty trained all wrong. This had to be my fault, right? So, when I say that you are not alone, trust me, I 100% understand what it feels like to simultaneously worry about your child while spending an intense amount of time trying like heck to solve the problem on your own. The number one thing to remember about bedwetting accidents in older kids is that there is no one cause, and it is not your fault.

What causes bedwetting?

The reality is that there is no single reason older kids encounter bedwetting issues, and this fact can make solving the problem a bit tricky. A few factors may contribute to bedwetting, and those can include genetics, developmental readiness, medical issues, or even something as simple as how much water a kid drinks before bed.

For my daughter, it turned out to be biology. Her brain and her bladder weren’t entirely on the same page, and as a deep sleeper, her brain missed necessary signals to wake her up so that she could relieve herself in the bathroom. Everything would be fine during the day, but as soon as she was asleep? Yikes. Our pediatrician assured us that this would be a temporary phase, but what ultimately gave us peace of mind that we could get through this was Ninjamas Nighttime Underwear. They offered the all-night leak protection we were desperately looking for, and a FormFit waistband designed to fit like real underwear. So not only was our entire family confident she’d wake up dry, but our daughter also didn’t have to feel like she was wearing a diaper.

If you’re dealing with bedwetting and you don’t know what to do, here are a few additional points that helped our family that might help yours out too.

Be honest.
Every child is different, and bedwetting in older kids is common. So, being honest with your kid about why this experience is challenging will help your child know that they aren’t at fault, and neither are you. Working together to get through this struggle is an excellent opportunity to build trust and communication with your kid.

Stay positive.
Although the journey to a future with dry sheets is exciting, it can also be fraught with big feelings and a few meltdowns (your kid will have them too!) Keep the mood light and positive while you work your way through this new challenge.

Create and stick to a routine.
Kids thrive on routine. When they don’t have to guess what comes next, they can emotionally and mentally prepare for whatever the day brings. So, when a significant change happens – like bedwetting – a routine can come in handy because it can help alleviate anxieties. Some ideas to help you get started could include eating and drinking on a schedule to make bathroom needs more predictable. Try to establish a routine of waking your child a couple of hours after falling asleep to help them get to a bathroom.

Bedwetting won’t last forever.

The silver lining to bedwetting is that you can bet that it won’t last forever. I promise! Create yourself a bedwetting kit to augment the routine you’re establishing with your child for the best results.

Here is what I put in my bedwetting kit:

  • We always use Ninjamas nighttime underwear. They have all-night leak protection, with a sleek underwear-like feel, so your child will wake up dry and ready to take on the day.
  • Keep a stuffed toy or some other object of comfort nearby. Chances are if your child wets the bed, there might be some big feelings erupting too. Keeping items that can help soothe and calm at the ready can make all the world of difference.
  • Deep breaths! Remember, this is temporary. You got this!

With a little preparation, lots of love and patience, and an extra pack of Ninjamas on hand, you will totally crush this bedwetting experience.


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