I Don’t Buy Organic Anything. We Like Screen Time. And, I’ll Never Be In the Perfect Mom Club.


I don’t buy organic anything. My kid drinks Winn Dixie brand whole milk.

Seldom a day goes by that my son doesn’t eat a cookie, a Little Debbie cake, or a pack of gummies (that counts as fruit right?)


My kid doesn’t wear Boutique brand bubbles or designer shoes.

We roll up to day care in hand-me-downs and consignment specials. Oh and Cat and Jacks head to toe (where you at Target mamas!?)

You can’t walk through my front door without tripping over a toy train or a member of the Paw Patrol. We let our kid have screen time. Momma and Daddy like screens too (Sup Disney+)

Photo Credit: Kacie Duncan

If you sit on my couch there is a 100% chance you will leave with dog hair on your behind and get licked in the face by a Toy Poodle named Loretta Lynn.

My laundry is never caught up, my To-Do list is never empty, and I hardly am ever faithful to my New Years resolutions.

Guess what? I am ok with all of that. Every bit of it and you should be too.

This is the phase of life we are in mommas. It’s crazy busy, full of mess, some stress, and all of the rest.

Photo Credit: Kacie Duncan

Still we show up everyday. Mommin’ hard then crashing even harder at 9 PM after watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

I don’t want to be in the “perfect mom club”, they probably don’t have any fun anyway. Perfection is overrated. I’m happy with myself and growing everyday. I challenge you to do the same too.


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Just feelin’ ? today ??I don’t buy organic anything. My kid drinks Winn Dixie brand whole milk.?Seldom a day goes by…

Posted by Kacie Wilcox Duncan on Friday, January 10, 2020


  1. Hey I with you on all this. I’m a mom of three and yes not everything they wear is brand new. I have just became a target shopper myself. Before it was Walmart and still is. I don’t think my kids need to have all the name brand things because everyone else does. I want my child to be them selves and not follow what everyone else is doing. My daughter is 8 and half the time she wears mismatched clothes and I let her because to me she is showing her creativity in her wardrobe. I don’t do organic food either. We grew up without all this plant based food and organic food and we turned out just fine. Sometimes we have corn dogs and Mac n cheese for dinner or chicken nuggets. My youngest thinks we should have spaghetti lol. My daughter sometimes don’t like to brush her hair before school that sometimes bothers me a little bit. But I want my children to be comfortable and be themselves like I said before. My boys fight and argue with each other and so does my daughter. Kids are kids. I go to the store and yes sometimes we go in our pjs lol. I don’t care how we look we’re not here to impress anyone. The only thing I ask of my children is to do well in school. My kids go out and Olay in mud puddles and come in all wet and muddy but I don’t mind. They are kids having fun. But I enjoyed your post. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. As long as we are taking care of our children and they are not in any harm I think we mothers are doing just fine.

  2. I hear all that you are saying and it’s all great! One thing, read a little bit about screen time if you have kiddos under 2. I wish there had been the scientific evidence that’s available today when my son was little. Web site zero to three.org You sound like a great mom.

    • When I was pregnant, I swore my child wasn’t going to sit in front if the television. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that. My son gets a lot of screen time in, daily, because I work from home and have to take care of our home. However, I also spend a lot of time with him working on various things. He is advanced for his age and was kindergarten ready at 2.5 with everything except physically writing his name. He’s almost 3.5 and we are practicing writing. He knows all his shapes, (including pentagon, octagon, hexagon) all colors and shades, how to spell his name, his first and last name as well as mine and my husband’s, his birthday, uses language and grammar correctly 95% of the time, and speaks incredibly clearly. He can count up to almost 30, backward from 10, physically count items past 10, can do addition by 1’s up to 10 and subtraction by 1’s down from 5. He recites the entire alphabet and can name all letters and numbers out of order. He can name and identify about 30 dinosaurs and can tell you which are herbivores and carnivores. The list goes on and on. He’s extremely intelligent and gets at least 2 hours of screen time in a day. We read anywhere from 3 to 7 books EVERY night, depending on bed time and length of book. The aforementioned isn’t to brag or boast but to let other moms know not to let others put you down for allowing your child to watch tv or play on a tablet everyday. I drove myself crazy and felt like a horrible mother because there were many days my son was entertained by tv, however he has learned so many things that I wouldn’t have had time to teach him. His interest in dinosaurs stemmed from tv shows and from that he learned so many of the facts he knows from them. It’s ok, mommas. Do what works for you and your family and don’t listen to anyone!

  3. My 3 year old can navigate a tablet better than my 33 year old self. He can play video games too.. and actually knows what he’s doing. He can speak 2 languages and knows all about sports colors and such. Sometimes we eat pancakes with ice cream on top but I say broccoli will make you strong like a tree and he loves showing me god plate after eating all his strong trees. It’s a different world we are living in and our kids are better at adapting to it then we are. It’s all about growth and learning as we go. Nobody will love my kids the way I do. I’m a proud and imperfect mom.


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