I Thought my Husband Would be a Good Father


But I had no idea he would be like this. My husband and I were pretty selfish before we had children. I mean hey aren’t we all? There’s no one to really worry about but yourself.


If you wanted to go somewhere you just went without a thought of packing up half the house for a grocery store run, but I think something inside my husband longed to have a child, to be a father.

My husband and I married Labor Day weekend of 2011 and we knew we wanted to start our family very quickly. He wanted a little girl more than anything in this world. He prayed that God would bless us with a healthy baby girl one day.

On December 16, 2012 (just 3 days before his birthday) his prayers were answered and we welcomed our Lila Marie into the world. Less than two years later Ella Greene was born, making our little family complete.

When my husband became a father he changed.

I understand that you have to right? Everyone changes when they have kids, for better or worse, but there was something deep inside of him that was very different.

Life became so much more clear, yet so much more uncertain. Worried about what things would affect our daughters, always wanting to keep them safe and making sure they were being raised in a loving home.

Those things became his #1 priority, but what I really noticed about him was he was happy, truly happy.


It was almost like for the first time, in his almost 40 years, he was living in euphoria. He smiled more, he laughed more (so much more) which is something he never did much of before.

He was never that great at showing emotions, no matter what they were. Look I get it he’s a man and they aren’t emotional creatures but some reaction would be nice. That all changed after the girls were born.

He wanted to experience everything in their life with them. Everything they did he wanted to be right there with them.

It was the little things that he did that brought them so much joy and happiness. This is something they have learned from him, to find joy in the little things.

No matter if it’s dancing around the living room to Buckethead, helping Daddy in the garage, or his crazy wigs for Halloween it all makes them so happy. That is his calling; that is what he believes he’s here to do is show those girls what joy and happiness is all about.


To say my husband has the patience of Job is an understatement. The man rarely gets upset with the girls. Now me on the other hand, I’m a different story.

These children sit ready on GO to pounce on the last nerve I have left. I’m certainly more quick to fuss or honestly holler at them than he is. He constantly tells me, “Shhhhhh! Calm down, they are just children.”

Which as you can imagine goes over real well when he “Shhhhhhs” me!

But they are just children; only 4 and 6 years old now. They will use him as a human punching bag, jumping and crawling all over him and he just soaks it all up. Being with his girls is his favorite past time, well until the little one does a total body slam on him and then he has to call a time out!


I am the enforcer or disciplinarian of the house.

He often says, “Y’all better stop that or your Mama will get after you.” They know he’s a sucker when it comes to his little girls. They know what they can get away with when it comes to Daddy and it’s a lot, trust me.

He has his own set of rules and when those rules are broken he disciplines them with love, hugs and kisses, and occasionally love pats when he’s really trying to show them who’s boss. Insert eye roll here because this is where I have to coach him.

Discipline and boundaries are important for children and we want to teach our children that every choice has a consequence. Most of the time Daddy’s rule enforcement comes with a hug and usually a scoop of ice cream too.

He has such a tender heart when it comes to his girls that most of the time he can’t bring himself to punish them. He shows them such grace so they always know they are safe with him and they never have to fear ever losing Daddy’s love or care.


I think the word sacrifice is thrown around a lot. We hear it often when people say things like, “She really sacrifices for her children”; “He sacrificed in order to save money for his business”.

But what does that really mean? Sacrifice is defined as the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. So what does he sacrifice, what does he give up?

He sacrifices his time every single day.

He works day after day, tirelessly in order to provide financially for myself and the girls. Not just needs, but all their wants and wishes too. He sacrifices his time to do laundry, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors and keep the yard looking festively beautiful.

Sacrifices his time when he plays dolls, rides bikes, or reads them a story at night. He sacrifices his time when they want to open a lemonade stand because what does Daddy do? Well he builds them one of course!

He sacrifices his time for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. And there is nothing he deems more “important or worthy” than his family, his beautiful girls.

I knew my husband would be a good father, but I had no idea he would be an exceptionally great one!

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