I’m a Sony Pictures Sex Tape Blogger! Woot!



This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Sony Pictures. 

Sony Pictures is releasing a little (HUGE) movie called Sex Tape this week starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal. They play a married couple who are very much in love, but struggling to keep the passion alive in their relationship after ten years, two kids, and two jobs. They decide to spice things up by making a private video and, as I’m sure you can guess, quickly find out their private video was made not so private. Can you say “Welcome to the Cloud?!” The film chronicles the lengths they’ll go to (and hijinks that ensue) to recover and erase the evidence.

In the movie, Cameron Diaz plays Annie, a successful mommy blogger. MOMMY BLOGGER! Her blog Who’s Yo Mommy is tear-inducing comical and guess what? I’m a featured blogger over there! Yep! Head over to read my very personal post The Moment That Social Media Nearly Killed Our Relationship.

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