In a New Trend on TikTok, People are Sharing Their “Weird Newborn” Photos and They’re Hilarious


Welcoming a baby into the world is such a joyous time. And let’s face it, after hours of pushing or going under the knife, the anticipation of laying eyes on your beautiful baby for the first time is almost truly unbearable. 

But what happens when your newborn isn’t quite the beautiful bundle of joy that you were expecting? 


It’s hard to imagine, but “weird newborns” are WAY more common than we think.

Sometimes, they take your breath away – and not in a good way. I’m a proud momma to two girls. One had a head the size of a watermelon and the other came out screaming with a mouth like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. 

In a new trend on TikTok, people are sharing their “weird newborn” videos and they’re hilarious.

Seeing these newborn babies reminded me of that Seinfield episode where the baby is called “breathtaking” when it’s obviously anything but. 

But in all reality, there’s a REASON that some babies are more “breathtaking” than others.

Dr. Kelly Culwell, an OB-GYN assures us that even when babies are at their most interesting looking stage, there’s a reason that they appear the way they do.

After all – they literally just came from inside of you. 

Babies have a “smooshed” face from traveling through the small birth canal and it will be more prominent on their faces if it was a long labor

And if your baby is covered in “goop” like a creature from the Black Lagoon, it’s actually a protective barrier that’s an important part of keeping them healthy. 

Conehead babies are quite common, too – thankfully that tends to resolve itself over time. 

This trend and the videos below are all fun and games though. 

We all KNOW that all of these new parents LOVE their weird-looking babies – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see the proof. 

And after watching, we’re still laughing. 

Take a peek and watch for yourself. You’re welcome. 


He’s gotten past the ugly newborn stage I promise ??? #DontSpillChallenge #newborn #baby #babyboy #love #fyp

? chicken tikka – hannah

Still pretty dang adorable if you ask me. 


Baby had quite the glow up since ? #dontspillchallenge #sheesh #momsoftiktok #momlife #babiesoftiktok #babyfever #newborn #fyp

? chicken tikka – hannah

This baby just might be the youngest “glow up” in history. 


Just kidding! He’s a handsome little man now! #newborn #baby #preemie #boymom #babyboy #mylove #hescute

? chicken tikka – hannah

Just add a hat until he grows out of it – no big deal. 


??? #DontSpillChallenge #newborn

? chicken tikka – hannah

OMG, he’s the cutest baby old man, ever. 


?? he’s cute now, i promise!

? chicken tikka – hannah

I think he looks like he’d give great advice. 

Being a parent means that you roll with the punches.

If your baby is born looking like he or she may have needed to stay in there and cook for a few more days, you move on and take pictures and video.

Because there’s a strong possibility that they’re going to grow out of that weird-looking stage quickly and you’re DEFINITELY going to want to have proof to torment them when they’re older. 

After all, isn’t that half the fun of parenting? 



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