Kids Stuck Doing Remote Learning? Here Are 20 Things You Need To Get Organized


Are you trying to figure out how to navigate the new world of online school with your kids? Trust me, I get it. This stuff is hard.


Lucky for us though, we live in a time of great convenience and there are some tools out there that make online schooling a little bit easier for the kids (and us too!)

Before we get into all of the great tools and accessories that will make this school year easier, I would like to offer a shout out to all of the teachers out there that do this and more on a day to day basis.

Check on a teacher you know. They are the real heroes when it comes to in person learning or online learning. They are working hard.

But, as you set up remote learning at home, you’ll need some help to set up the perfect workspace for your kids.

It’s a whole new normal, but with the right tools we can do it. 

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20 Items That Will Help You and Your Kids Navigate Online School


It is important that your kids have a productive work space as it is hard for them to focus well when they are trying to do work in their bed, or other space that they associate with rest or play.

Computer Chair

A hard kitchen chair isn’t ideal for sitting all day long, so it’s a good idea to get your child a comfortable chair that fits easily with their desk! An ergonomically correct chair is best.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

If you can’t get a cushioned chair for them, then a memory foam seat cushion like this one would work great too!

It’s hard work sitting in a chair for hours a day, make sure that your kiddo is comfortable. Them being comfortable is going to help them learn.

LED Digital Countdown Timer

Timers are a great tool to use in order to to help your children keep track of how much time they have left for a specific class or project. For older kids, the timer is great for putting their time management skills to use.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Are there other kids in the house? Parents working from home? Pets that like to distract?

Noise-cancelling headphones are incredibly important to help the kids to avoid distraction and helps them to be more focused.

Samsung – 11.6″ Chromebook

Yes, some schools are offering Chromebooks to the kids, but I’m a big believer that it is good for your kids to have their own. Far less stress in my opinion, especially if you have rambunctious little ones.

Apple iPad

Younger elementary aged children are often using tablets instead of chromebooks or laptops. The iPad is a popular choice.

HD Webcam

With all of the Zoom meetings that your kiddos have to attend, a quality webcam might be helpful.

Portable Hard Drive

Nothing is worse than working on something for a long time, only to have it lost. That’s why a portable hard drive is great to have! You can back up all the work that they did.

Smart WiFi Router

Make sure your kids have a strong internet signal when they are on a zoom meeting or searching through their classes. A strong router will help.

Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Printers are great to have at home. This is especially true when your kids are doing their schoolwork online. With a wireless printer, everyone’s devices can hook up to print out anything needed.

Medium Desktop Drawer System

Your kids don’t need a backpack to carry their stuff, but they do need to keep their work somewhere! A desktop drawer system is a great option for this. It keeps all of their papers well organized and easy to find.

Magnetic Dry Erase White Board 6″ x 8″ with Magnetic Marker

A dry erase board like this is great for keeping notes, making reminders and running through lessons with your kids.


School means lots of class work, which means lots of papers to store! Binders are a must-have for these papers.


Dividers are a must have for any kids that keep their work in a binder. This is especially true for middle and high schoolers that will be attending different classes during the day.

Spiral Notebooks

Just because their classes are online, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to write things down! Notebooks are a must have for taking notes.


Nope. You are not getting away with not buying pencils this year! Kids will need them, even if they are doing their learning online. Oh, and if you are going to buy pencils, you need to buy the quality ones. Ticonderoga pencils are where it’s at!

BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point

As wonderful as the Ticonderoga Pencils are, some kids (especially the older ones), prefer to use mechanical pencils.

Hammermill 20lb Copy Paper

Yes, a majority of their work is going to be online, but you will want copies of some of it and sometimes you are going to need to print out work for them to do.

Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner

A planner like this can help your bigger kids keep track of their upcoming due dates and any other important school dates that are upcoming. For the little kids, you can keep a planner like this on hand for your purposes.


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