Life Is Short. Have An Affair: Part Deux


On Monday the Ashley Madison story broke. The site was hacked, and 37 million members’ information was at risk of being leaked. I took a look at the site and a few articles that were circulating on CNN, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and I decided to write a piece about the situation. I had no idea that my tiny humor post would strike such a nerve.

My post has over 950 comments ranging from positive support, to people wishing for my ultimate demise. If you have a minute you should head over and read the comments. Make that 15 minutes. Life Is Short. Have An Affair. Ashley Madison

I decided that I need to write a follow-up piece to reply to some of the comments that I received via email and on my site. Please keep in mind that I am a humor blogger and I do not have the ability to keep sarcasm out of anything that I write.

1. You live under a rock: At the present time I do not live under a rock.
2. You are naive: Yes, I am . I am also positive that this is one of the many things people find charming about me.
3. Marriage is a fluid agreement: Ummm, in my house marriage is a contract. A firm contact that does not allow me to play with anyone’s fluids, except my husbands.
4. “Married dating” is real and everybody is doing it: I don’t think we should call it “married dating” anymore. Let’s keep it simple and call it cheating, and not everyone is doing it. Cheaters are doing it.
5. You are a judgmental person who has no idea what marriage is all about: I am an opinionated person who has been married for 12 years. I know nothing of “married dating,” and I hold no judgement over you. As for marriage, I know that it is a close second to the hardest thing I have ever done, the first being parenting.
6. Open marriage is a real thing and you should learn about it: I knew that open marriages existed. It is not something that I see much in my small town, but I am sure it is going on. If you have an open marriage I am assuming that both partners know it is open. Therefore you are in the clear to participate in “married dating.” Go ahead and hump until the cows come home.
7. Cheating does take organization and time management skills: I figured as much. Considering I locked myself out of my house yesterday and put the milk in the panty last night, I will stick with a monogamous relationship. The heartburn alone would cause me to spend more time then I like at CVS purchasing Tums to ease my gastrointestinal discomfort.
8. The meaning of monogamy has changed and you missed it: I just checked the dictionary, Wiki answers, Yahoo answers, and I “Googled” it to be sure. All sources confirmed that it does in fact mean being with ONE person during the course of the relationship. Not one person that day, and a different person the next day. I couldn’t find the definition for 24 hour monogamy, but I will let you know when I do.
9. You sound uptight. You should have a threesome: I have seen Seinfeld, so I was aware of the infamous “Menage a Trois.” Like I said, I currently do not live under a rock. Or at least my rock has cable. I think I will refrain from said activity due to the fact that I am standing firm with the monogamy thing.
10. I read your article and I think we should have an affair: This one threw me for a loop. If he had read my article I think he would have understood that I am currently married and not seeking out anyone to participate in “married dating.” I will have to go back and read my original post again to make sure that I was clear in my stance on said “married dating.”

These are my responses to just a few of the comments that were made after my post. Please feel free to send me your opinion on the breach, or any other issue that you have with me or my writing. Your opinion counts, just as much as mine.


  1. RIGHT ON ! Loved your first article and love your response.
    Although “Different Strokes For Different Folks” via Ashley Madison–no pun intended–my feelings are YUCK. Perhaps you all who belong to Ashley Madison should NOT have gotten married in the first place ! Then you could go out and pop anything, anywhere, anytime. And not worry that you will ousted Nationally cause that is going to mighty embarrassing–good luck with that.

  2. You are awesome! I am 24 years old and live in Oregon and I found your original post when browsing on Yahoo. I am so glad to see people standing up for what marriage should be about. I do not want to live in a world where it is acceptable to be cheated on… Not to mention just in general I really enjoyed your writing style you made me LOL. The way I see it is if you have people involved enough to be your “haters” you’re doing something right! 😉 Have a great day!

  3. Megan,
    I love your blog…..don’t let the crazies dissuade you:). Actually let them make their excuses…your replies are brilliant!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      The world is full of different types of people We all have opinions. I am a fan of saying my piece and hopefully making someone laugh in the process. Keep reading.

  4. Meredith, I absolutely love reading you blog! It has really made me laugh and brought some much needed humor to my day. I stumbled upon it after you wrote the Ashley Madison piece and have caught up on your past posts. I applaud your honesty and speaking your beliefs. Being a stay at home married mom of 2, I can relate to MANY of your blogs and will continue to follow (lies we tell our children….oh so true) and (im)patiently wait for your next posts. As for the Ashley Madison thing, I am still scratching my head at the outstanding number of memberships they have, honestly how do people manage to have time to have an affair if they have children? I can barely find time to digest my food let alone digest any other man’s fluids…..eww…the thought of that frightens me to my core. And married dating…that seems like an oxymoron to me. I just don’t get it, so I am right there with you sister. To each their own I suppose. Thanks for making my day brighter and filled with laughs when I was dealing with a teething 4 month old and a very stubborn 2.5 yr old that refused to drink from a cup because it was not the color she liked.

  5. Found your blog through a friend sharing on FB…Just wanted to know you are spot on…Your first article was is great to see a brave person standing up ( or writing about ) what they believe in. Your replies to some of your comments were refreshing….after the shock wore off that people would actually reply those things….. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 29 years …I can not fathom who would even WANT to participate in the whole married dating thing….I have my hands full with just my one hubby…TOTALLY agree with your number 5… we have three daughters added to the as well.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts …you are blessed with a wonderful writing style..brought a smile to my face reading your responses. You are not alone under ” this rock ” we are living under….there are LOTS of us right there with you .

  6. Great responses to the comments you received on your post. As a sarcastic person myself, I appreciate your outlook on life, marriage in particular. I just celebrated my 28th anniversary with a man who I love to death and would also like to “kill” occasionally. And that is what marriage is about, commitment and compromise because we made a promise to each other 28 years ago!

  7. you are wonderful. everything that you have written (that i have read anyway) makes me nod my head and smile. i am not an “internet person” or a “blog follower,” but with that said i have added your blog to my favorites on my task bar at work (shhhh! don’t tell). people out there are so dumb and easily offended… thank you for being smart, normal and funny.

  8. I realize these posts are a couple of years old, but I did really like your take on all of this stuff. My wife may learn that I’ve been on the “Dolly Madison” website longingly looking at pictures of Zingers, but never on the “Ashley Madison” website. We’re coming up on 43 years of marriage in March, and it has been worth the effort. Especially now that we’re empty nesters. So hang in there Meredith.. the best is yet to come. That is if your kids don’t drive you crazy before they leave on their own.


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