Messy Marvin Review: Sophisticated Messes!



I was so happy when the folks over at Messy Marvin contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products. It’s like they had been peeking in my windows! Around here, it’s one epic mess after another–often those little disasters result in something being stained or ruined forever! Messy Marvin’s tagline is “Life is messy. Wipe it up!” And that’s exactly what their products allow you to do. When a mess is made, rather than the fabric or surface being destroyed, you can simply sponge or wipe off a Messy Marvin product surface. 

I had the pleasure of test driving their Messy Mats and Neat Seat, as pictured below.



Messy Mats: Perfect for protecting your precious dining table or marble countertops from the little ones eating or drawing. Also great looking placemats for your next dinner party. Either way, just rinse, pat dry, and put back in the drawer. They are reversible, too!

Neat Seat: Wipeable dining chair cover designed to go on any dining chair or barstool. Innovative skirt design allows to fit on most all dining chairs, arms or no arms. Back flap can be tucked under if back is upholstered. And best of all, they look chic and as if they were designed to go with the room!

I really like the Messy Mats as our traditional placemats have been put through the ringer–literally! They have seen the washer and dryer so many times, they look like they were originally pastel colors. The Neat Seat looked a little daunting at first, but getting it properly fitted onto our toddler’s dining room seat was a breeze. I was even one handed, holding our infant in the other arm!

With Messy Marvin, life doesn’t have to look and feel like Sesame Street. Their line of products help create sophisticated messes! They are very contemporary, made of high quality materials, and I’m pretty sure could give Dennis the Menace a run for his money. I should know. My daughter is the female equivalent!

Be sure to check out their website and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Disclosure: I received several products to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by any outside sources.


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