Mom Shares Brilliant Hack For Getting Kids To Lie Still To “Charge” Their Glow-In-Dark PJs, & Tired Parents Everywhere Love It


While we all obviously love our kids, many of us tired parents love bedtime far less. By the end of a long day, kid bedtime can feel like a series of giant hurdles to jump after at the running a marathon… while on fire.


When adults get tired, we can’t wait to collapse onto the nearest soft landing place. When kids get tired, however, they somehow manage to speed themselves up and just move faster.

Be encouraged, weary parents of small children; help is on the way!

One mom stumbled on a brilliant hack to keep your toddlers from scrambling around at bedtime, & it’s going viral because it’s hilariously clever.

Jessica D’Entremont is a mom of two active little girls: Emma Christine (4) and Hannahlore Judith (3) whose antics she shares on her Instagram page.

(Let’s first give her props for their sweet names, which combine all four of their great-grandparents’ names. How cute is that??)

But Jessica’s not only a master at the name-game, but an absolute genius when it comes to harnessing extreme kid energy. Jessica describes the girls as high-energy. Some of their favorite activities include rock climbing, jujitsu, swimming. 

In short, they are constantly in motion. And that’s certainly not a bad thing, but after a long day, less motion is welcome. 

While she’s all for letting them embrace their inner speed demons, when it comes to the end of the day, Jessica gets tired. 

And when it hits that point of evening when Mama gets tired & the kids are still going strong, well… Mama needs a break. Anyway she can get it!

By chance, Jessica discovered a brilliant pajama hack for getting her girls not just to slow down, but to lie still and STOP MOVING.

You know how much kids love electronic devices, right? How many times have you had to rescue your iPhone from your toddler’s grubby hands??

Well, it’s time to put their love of all things technological to work, folks. 

Jessica’s hack worked like a charm with her girls, & she was stoked. So she generously took to Facebook to share her secret of success with the rest of us exhausted parents.

Here’s her secret to getting kids to put the brakes on:

Buy them glow in the dark pjs.

Tell them they have to lie really still under the light to “charge” them…..

Photo Credit: Jessica D’Entremont (Facebook)


Emma and Hannalore were so thrilled at the prospect of “charging” their pajamas up that they remained on the floor in this position for ten minutes, people. TEN WHOLE MINUTES.

Can you imagine what you could do with ten quiet minutes during the evening hours?? Granted, Jessica took advantage of the rare opportunity to put away some clothes, but I’m pretty sure my 10 “free” minutes would involve closed eyes and a pillow. 

And the best part? Jessica had to finally convince the girls to “stop charging” in order to go to bed. In other words, they were happy to keep lying still.

The girls were excited to get their glow on so that they could “pretend to be dragons and chase Mom and Dad”. But soon there was less excitement about becoming dragons and more excitement about the charging.

The slower pace was of course most exciting for Jessica, because as she explains, both girls deal with sensory processing disorder. As a result, it can be challenging to get the girls to slow down even briefly:

They are adrenaline junkies so any stillness is awesome.

Now you may be reading this and thinking, “Well sure, maybe it worked once, but kids catch on quickly…”.

And if so, you’d be wrong.

Yup- another clever hack, compliments of Jessica: if you try this with your kids, be sure to put the pajamas back into a drawer in the morning so that:

unexposed to light all day they dim and do not glow in the dark.

The goal is for your children to put the pajamas on at night without any initial glowing whatsoever; that way they spend the most amount of time “charging” to full glow potential.

And sure enough, it worked:

they tried to test me last night until they laid down again. Reinforcing the need to lie quietly under the light before bed.

Smart kids, but smarter parent!

While Jessica’s hack likely has a shelf life, it’s definitely worth trying with young kids.

After all, it’s a win/win: the kids get to enjoy the excitement of parading around in glow-in-the-dark pajamas after putting in their time charging up…. and tired parents everywhere get to savor ten blissful minutes of quiet prior to the daily bedtime ritual!

Looking for a way to keep your kids still….Buy them glow in the dark pjs. Tell them they have to lie really still…

Posted by Jessica D'Entremont on Sunday, September 29, 2019



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