A Convention By MEN To “Make Women Great Again” Is Making Women Everywhere Feel Stabby


Are you a good woman? I mean, you may think you’re pretty decent, but are you a GREAT woman? Have you checked with a man recently to examine all of the areas of femininity that you’re lacking in? 


Most of us, apparently, are not great. We’re severely deficient: we need to be taught to stay fit, to avoid “unhealthy militant feminism”, to be better, more pliant wives, & how to have unlimited babies instead of selfishly letting our eggs shrivel up and die.

Who knew we women were so damn clueless, right??

Men did, apparently. And they’re here to help “MAKE WOMEN GREAT AGAIN”.

No, seriously. This is not a drill. Get ready for the latest bit of “what is this fuckery?!” news coming down the pike, compliments of the best of the world’s mansplainers.

The group 21 Studios is hosting a three-day convention entitled the “22 Convention”, which is geared toward educating an all-female audience on how to restore their womanhood… and is led by an all-male panel of “experts”.

They’re here to help, girls. 

You can be taught to be a great woman by men, because obviously they’re more knowledgeable in such things- duh.

The conference is scheduled for May 1 to May 3 of this year, in Orlando, Florida. The conference’s slogan pretty much sums it up; according to the 21 Studios website, it will be:

The world’s ultimate event for women, by men.

Little did we know it, but we are in desperate need of improvement. 

And we clearly need men to help us out with it- hence the conference to redirect our sweet, befuddled little minds!

EXPERIENCE a miraculous three day (and night) event with iconic speakers gathered from the worldwide manosphere community to dramatically improve your life and femininity.

Does the prospect of a man “teaching” you to be more feminine leave you feeling stabby with disgust yet? 

It gets better. 

Apparently we’ve all “been pushed to act like men”, and as a result, we’re “confused, frustrated, and hopeless”.

While I passionately disagree with the first part of that statement, I can’t deny that knowing this conference exists leaves me feeling “confused, frustrated, and hopeless” (and RAGING” that men think it’s ok to tell women how to be WOMEN.

The agenda of the seminar is chock-full of really, really important areas of life that we all need improving in, apparently.

One of their claims: feminism is to blame for the breakdown of the modern family, which has basically ruined everything.

As the seminar background info details, our country is falling apart thanks to “single parenthood”. And single parenthood, according to 22 Convention, is because of women. It’s your fault the relationship ended, girl.

Buy a ticket to the conference so they can explain why it’s YOU that’s to blame:

Poverty, crime, mental health issues, and overall decline in well being is rampant today in America and the West in this context, thanks to feminist anti-motherhood propaganda.

Get your rage on, ladies. Because this one’s another mind-fuck:

22 Convention makes it clear that beauty and obesity are linked, and if you aren’t thin, you’re not beautiful. 

The conference plans to explain to us women how men only want “healthy, fit women”, because, after all, they’re “sizing you up for reproduction”. (AND YES, that is written verbatim on their webpage).

You cannot make this shit up:

Taking good care of your body is beautiful in process and outcome.

Men admire healthy, fit women.

The conference promises to teach you about how #bodypositivity is a lie, and you should only love yourself if you’re thin. Thanks, guys!

Oh, and can’t find a guy to date? Your fault; that whole “feminism” thing again. Attend the seminar, and the guys will teach you what you’re doing wrong.

(Skip the tattoos. And the student loan debt. Oh, and thinking for yourself. Skip that, too.)

The 22 Convention will also brainwa- I mean teach you that your fertility is what makes you valuable. You’re wasting it. According to the seminar leaders, you should be prioritizing motherhood so that you can… get ready for it…

Get pregnant and have unlimited babies!

(The exclamation point is theirs: “YAY!”)

I have six kids. That’s a lot of babies, and a lot of pregnancy. Let me tell you- if any man were to dangle the prospect of guilting me into thinking UNLIMITED babies is my calling, I’d take his dangly bits & shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

(Though I’m sure the seminar has a session on how to handle a man’s dangly bits “properly” to be more, you know, feminine.)

There’s so, so much more to be offended by, my friends. But we haven’t gotten to the very best part yet.

The 22 Convention not only comes with the opportunity to learn everything you’ve done wrong as a woman, but you can also acquire these jewels of enlightened male wisdom for a ticket price of $2000.

Yep- the 21 Studios leadership is charging women TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A TICKET to be among the privileged women to finally be educated on just how screwed up the female race really is.

And if you act fast, you can: 

save 50% on early-bird tickets!

That’s right, girls! Learn how to be great again for only 1K- what a steal!!!

Granted, it’s a hefty price tag, but they promise stunning results:

raise your femininity by 500%!!

(I’m not exactly sure what the precise gauge for measuring “improvement” is, but maybe it’s by baby? 500 babies = 500% more feminine. I don’t know… I’m a girl, so I leave the tough math stuff to the men…)

Despite the jests, it’s beyond comprehension that an event like this actually exists, and that (some) men have the audacity to truly believe that women are not only “wrong” in how they choose to live, but need to be taught the “right” way… by MEN.

The jist, according to 21 Studios: women are to blame for everything that is going wrong, and only men can fix it.

The irony: according to the leaders of 22 Convention, you can only be the greatest YOU by doing what THEY want you to do. 

Or you can skip the $2K price tag and continuing being the amazing, kickass, authentic woman that you are meant to be- a skill that no man can teach or control.

Want to see what our own Meredith Masony has to say about it? Watch this:





  1. Brilliant article!! Sadly some women will attend but I am more than motivated to created an event to empower women to be brilliant and rise up, FOR FREE. Signed, Single Mom, Success Entrepreneur, Author, Tired of the old guard patriarchy stealing my power and rights.

  2. This is completely cult behavior. It used to be cult were small and we all shook our heads and said those poor people who fall for it. Now cults are huge ran by the goverment and the churches. This is an issue our society needs to address.


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