Moms Seem Angry Because We Put Ourselves Dead Last


It’s the middle of the night and moms across the world are wide awake caring for their children.

Moms of teenagers wide awake wondering if their teens are telling the truth.

Moms of tiny ones are wide awake wondering if their kid will ever sleep through the night. Whether you’re a single mom doing life alone, or full of family support, motherhood can feel isolating and lonely. 

We never know what moms are going through, and some moms just seem angry. I’ll tell you why. 

We are angry because we put themselves at the bottom of the barrel. We put our needs at the end of a very long to do list.

Moms seem angry because we put ourselves dead last. 

Mom seems angry because it’s 5AM and the baby just woke up for the fifth time throughout the night. She sheepishly cuts off her morning alarm, feeds the baby and begins her day.

We are angry because it’s 7AM and we just told our 10 year old to pick up his cleats for the 17th time this morning and everyone is moving at a snail pace.

We’re angry because we knows at this rate we will be late to work….again.

Mom seems angry because it’s 9AM and her co-workers are walking into work all chipper with their warm cups of tea and coffee and she just realized her coffee is still sitting on the counter at home and she forgot to eat breakfast.

Mom seems angry because it 12PM and her co-workers are going out to lunch to try the new Thai restaurant and she is closed up in her office attached to a breast pump eating tuna out of the can while googling ways to increase her milk supply.

Mom seems angry because it is after 5PM and she is still wrapping up her work for the day because she had to take time off to take the baby to her 6 month wellness check.

Just because moms miss some time from work it doesn’t mean that the work flow lessens.

In fact we work overtime some days in order to attend the classroom parties, field trips and every child’s doctor’s appointments.

Moms seem angry because it is now 7PM and we cook dinner while the baby is on our hip.

The oldest kiddo is at the kitchen table crying about his homework while the younger kiddo is coloring on the walls with a permanent marker that she found on big brother’s desk.

Moms seem angry because it is finally 10PM and we just sat down for the first time this evening.

The baby is finally asleep, lunches are packed for the next day and we finally get a moment to breathe.

However, it’s 10PM and our husbands are waiting in the bedroom and is longing for affection.

I mean, he did help bathe the kids and read them bedtime stories; the least we can do is show him some attention for all his hard work.

Moms are angry because we are exhausted.

We are angry because our job is a tireless, thankless, suck the energy out of you kind of job.

We will always put our family first.

We will always think of them before ourselves.

From the moment our eyes open in the morning until the moments before we fall asleep our goal and mission is to love our family and love them well.

And moms will do just that, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get a little angry from time to time.

Moms seem angry because we’re human and because we ALWAYS puts ourselves dead last.


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