Needing to leave my children


I love my children. They give me so much joy and pride on the best days, and I still love them and couldn’t imagine life without them on the bad days. But I still need to leave my children. Leaving my children is the best thing for all of us. I’ve spent the past almost two months with my children all day, every day, almost nonstop. They’re exhausting. The fighting, the whining, the demanding, the messes.

I’m not gonna lie. I get pretty short with them after a while. I start yelling. I want to throw myself on the floor and have an epic temper tantrum. Sometimes I do mock their fit throwing and ironically everyone usually stops in laughter or anger. But usually at that point I don’t care anymore.

Days like today where I got to leave them for seven glorious quiet hours I’m reminded sometimes I really need to leave my children. I came home happy to see them. I actually had patience to cut the toddler apple after apple without losing my patience and doing something obnoxious like handing him the knife and telling him to cut the third one himself (j/k not really even on a bad day but you get the idea). I actually called nicely for my girls rather than bellowing throughout the house like a crazed woman on her last shred of sanity.

So sometimes the best thing for momma is to leave for a bit. Sometimes she needs to escape to the quiet and throw herself into doing something else that isn’t demanded of her by her children. And that time away from them is actually better for everyone as a saner mom returns, at least for a little bit.


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