No Mom Is White-Picket-Fence Perfect


We’re moms, but we’re not white-picket-fence perfect.

I don’t care if you’ve scrapbooked the décor of your future home since you were little, and some liken you to Martha Stewart.


I don’t care if you’re so into cooking, and cook organic everything for your children. And even more impressive—your children eat it.

I repeat for those still in disbelief: People have kids that actually eat healthy foods and vegetables too!

But they’re not white-picket-fence perfect either.

Because we all fail as moms and in life over and over again.

And if you think you don’t fail as a parent—

then I have news for you: you may be a little bit delusional.

Because as moms, we’ll yell and feel bad.

We’ll blame the wrong child for a fight.

We’ll hit the baby’s head against the car seat while putting her in.

And we’ll fail more when we have anxiety or don’t feel well.

Because we’re human.

Some of us are in recovery from addiction, eating disorders, or chronic diseases.

Some of us are still in the throes of struggles.

Others are dealing with other issues.

We’re all in the thick of something.

We’re moms, but we’re not white-picket-fence perfect.

It’s not like we become moms, and then our lives get perfect.

I used to think that happened. You grow up and bloom into this perfect adult who knows everything about everything and does it all with ease. So, when that didn’t happen, no matter how hard I’d try, I was convinced I was a complete failure.

But nope.

After we have kids, our life becomes way messier like no-time-to-shower-chaos-everywhere-all-the-time messy.

But we need to embrace the mess.

It’s in the mess we have fun.

It’s where we can let our hair down and make memories.

It’s where we can eat that rainbow sprinkle cookie with our kids and then have a dance party on top of the sprinkles that fell on the floor because their favorite song started playing, and there was no time for clean-up.

So never try to be white-picket-fence perfect.

Just be yourself and use your instincts.

If you do that, you’ll be better than perfect—and you won’t expect perfection from your children either.

You’ll accept them and love them for their flaws, not in spite of them.

And that’ll make you the best mom.

We’re moms, but we’re not white-picket-fence perfect. I don’t care if you’ve scrapbooked the décor of your future home…

Posted by Living A FULL Life on Sunday, December 1, 2019


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