Pet Odor Removal Checklist


A pet can add an element of excitement and bonding to a family unit. It’s cute and can make the perfect subject for any photo, but it also comes with a set of challenges and higher level of responsibility. Training a pet can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially in the beginning stages. Stains can be embarrassing and hard to clean. However, removing an odor from the carpet can be done in as little as five steps.

With the proper tools and techniques, you can take the stains and odor right out of your carpet. Different flooring materials should be approached carefully so as not to cause permanent damage. Enzyme-based, odor-neutralizing cleansers may be the best option for stain and odor removal. If a smell has sunk deeper into the carpet than you thought, it may take more than one cleansing session to fully remove it.

The right solutions and equipment can go a long way, but only if you find the correct source of the stench. If your pet continues to have incidents inside the house, it may return to that area multiple times if the scent remains. Pets are trained through routine, so make sure to take yours out on schedule.

For the benefit for you and your furry friend, keep up with potty training to ensure a clean, odorless floor. However, if your home is starting to smell less like an air freshener and more like the dog, read our tips on how to remove pet odor.

Guide created by Carpet Cleaning Group

Author bio: Vytas Macius is the owner of Carpet Cleaning Group, a family-owned business that provides residential and commercial floor cleaning services all over Chicagoland. Carpet Cleaning Group is always ready to go the extra mile to make sure customers are 100 percent satisfied with the services provided.


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