Prepping Your Kids to Move


It’s undeniable that being a parent adds a variety of complicating factors (and huge positives) to many of life’s challenges — and moving is no different. Moving with kids can be daunting as a parent, you worry about how they will react how they’ll make new friends or adapt in general. It’s widely accepted by health professionals that the older a kid is the harder it likely is for them to come to terms with moving. 

That being said children of all ages can experience a wide range of emotions when it comes to moving. Some kids may be very excited to move and that’s great, but for those kids who are not as excited, it’s crucial that you take the right steps to help ease their moving anxiety and make their transition a new school, sports teams and extracurriculars go smoothly.  

The four main areas of focus are how you announce the move as well as the steps you take before, during and after the move. See science-backed tips to improve your child’s transition below in this visual (courtesy of ForSaleByOwner).


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