Reality Check: Raising Girls Requires Strength


“Oh, you’re having a girl. You’re going to need a lot of sparkles, princesses, and bows.”

Try again. Because what a girl mom really needs is a lot of strength. Because we have a huge responsibility raising girls in this world.

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It’s making sure she’s secure and has a “yes I can” attitude.

It’s being in awe of her strong personality, and if it isn’t, giving her the tools, so she’s never afraid to use her voice to stand up for herself–when it comes to a classmate, a partner, a future boss, or anyone–and others.

Raising Girls Requires Strength

It’s finding her a passion, so she doesn’t get swept up in girl drama with her friends.

It’s encouraging her to take risks, to run and scream with delight because that’s living.

It’s receiving a hug when we’re feeling sad because she knows kindness is a superpower.

It’s making sure she’s unafraid to get her hands dirty because life is messy.

It’s making sure she never stops eating ice cream guilt-free. That she always feels like she did as a child when she heard the ice cream song jingle—squealing and running to be first in the line.

It’s making sure she knows her worth is in who she is, not what she looks like or weighs.

It’s making sure she’s supportive of other girls and knows sisterhood’s about love, respect, and being secure enough to want her to succeed, too.

It’s letting her know that mental health’s everything and no one is perfect. And that asking for help is the brave thing to do.

And yes, she’ll doubt herself, but she’ll know how to work through it.

So, those better be some empowering sparkles, warrior princesses, and lasso-like bows.

Second try:

“Oh, you’re having a girl. You’re going to need a lot of strength.”

Much better.

Oh, and because of our daughters, we’ll gain that strength,

and be better women for it.



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