Showing Your Children How to Stay Safe in the Sun (Infographic)



Playing outside in the sun is an important part of growing up. Parents have shooed their children out of the house to get a moments rest as well as helping their kids get some exercise. It is important to make sure that they are well protected. Along with some common sense the only other thing you can arm them with is some good sunscreen lotion and proper clothing. Once they’re outside and out of sight they may adventure in ways you may not have expected but knowing that they aren’t going to get a sunburn takes at least one of the worries away.

There are a couple main categories for sun protection. Wear protective clothing like hats and sunglasses can help keep your skin covered in the sunlight. Playing in the shade occasionally is a good way to keep some of the rays off you as well. There are a few ways to maximize your protection from sunscreen as well. Applying sunscreen 30 minutes before playing outside can make sure it is set in the skin well. Every three hours is also a good timeframe for reapplying lotion as well. It can rub off or wear off even if it says all day or waterproof. Don’t be afraid to put it everywhere! Even if you think you have the spots covered you don’t want to have burns around your clothes when they move around slightly during activities.

Here’s a great infographic from on introducing kids to sunscreen and teaching them how to stay protected while playing out in the sun:

Super SPF


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