Summer Tutoring: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Child


Ah, summer. The time of late mornings, unscheduled play, and no frustrating homework sessions. But what if your child needs a little extra help to keep up with classmates next year? Summer tutoring isn’t necessary for every child, but it can be a wise decision for many families.

How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Summer Tutoring?

If your child’s grades have been dwindling over the last several report cards or homework is taking longer than it ought to, summer tutoring can be a great way to hone knowledge and prevent the brain drain that leaves you playing catch-up come August.

It can also help children who struggle with study habits to improve their focus and time management, easing the transition into a higher grade level.

Summer tutoring can also be beneficial for children who lack confidence in their schoolwork, even if it’s not reflected in their grade point average.

Sometimes, a teacher may directly recommend summer tutoring for a student. Since teachers see many students over the years, they recognize when someone needs a little extra help.

A tutoring recommendation from a teacher should never be disregarded.

What Kind of Summer Tutoring is Available?

If your child needs tutoring over the summer, there are a couple of options to choose from, and considerations to make.

For example, what environment is best suited for your child? Would he or she benefit more from a tutoring center or private tutor?

Here are a few tips to help you make those important decisions:

Private Tutoring

Private, one-on-one tutoring pairs a single mentor to work individually with your child.

The tutoring can take place in your home, at the library, or another location, and the tutor may assign homework lessons to be completed independently.

One-on-one tutoring has great benefits: The tutor can tailor lessons to your child’s specific needs, build confidence in a student who is shy in a classroom setting, and work around your family’s schedule.

However, private tutoring can be expensive, and many children struggle to stay focused when they’d rather be playing outside.

Learning Centers

Another option for summer tutoring is enrolling your child in a learning center. Learning centers are often available through local colleges as well as companies like Sylvan Learning.

Learning centers mimic a classroom setting, with one tutor mentoring several students. A big perk of learning centers is access to technology; you may not have a spare computer at home, and public libraries restrict computer time.

However, most learning centers will have a computer lab for students to use, and students can access online assignments and lessons from home.

However, a classroom setting may feel too much like school for students who have spent nine months looking forward to summer break, and parents will have to arrange transportation to and from the center.

Summer Camp Tutoring

Many summer camps offer tutoring as an add-on program to other camp activities.

Your child may participate in camp activities like sports, water activities, and field trips, while also receiving tutoring sessions as part of their programming.

Enrolling your child in a summer camp that offers tutoring can be a great way to integrate learning into the summer experience without making it feel like a punishment.

Plus, changing the setting of your child’s learning can help work through roadblocks and classroom anxieties. Before enrolling in a tutoring summer camp, make sure you communicate with your child’s teacher to identify areas for improvement.

That way, camp tutors can personalize their lessons to your child’s academic needs.

Summer tutoring can be incredibly beneficial for students of all ages.

It provides an opportunity to review challenging material, increase knowledge retention, and improve study habits so your student can head into the upcoming school year fully prepared.

When you’re choosing the right summer tutoring setting for your child, think beyond academic needs and consider a setting that will let your child learn while making friends, having fun, and gaining new experiences.



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