Mannequin Prank Causes Mom In Target To Freak Out And The Internet Can’t Decide if She’s Justified


For many of us, Target is our happy place. We could spend hours (and we do), strolling the aisles, sipping our Starbucks, and filling our carts with things we didn’t know we needed, but thank the shopping gods, Target did. 


It’s no secret that we love it, and who doesn’t? Forget Disneyland, Tar-jay IS the happiest place on earth.

Unless you’re this kid (and her mother).

While on a family outing to Target, a “mannequin prank” went wrong when a young girl attempted to sit on a “mannequin.” Not only did the girl lose it, but so did her mother.

It was all captured on a TikTok video that has gone viral with over 19M views to date.

The video, which was posted by TikTok user @tugreckless, shows a person dressed up in a white morph suit pretending to be a mannequin. He is sitting next to a real mannequin in the children’s clothing section.

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As what appears to be a family of 4 walks by, the little girl says…

“I wanna sit here!”

…and attempts to sit on the “mannequin’s” lap.

The prankster reacts quickly, saying “whoa whoa whoa,” as he puts his hands up to stop her. At this point, the girl crumples to the ground and starts to cry.

Her mother ain’t playing.

While her father consoles her and tries to hold back the laughter, mama bear comes out in full force. She turns back, saying:

“That’s rude.”

When the cameraman explains that they’re filming a video, she points her finger at him and responds:

Y’all are wrong for that. F*ck y’all.” 

Dad has a slightly different take. He picks up his daughter and tells her, chuckling:

“You Can’t just sit on mannequins like that.”

We’re guessing she never will again.

As the family walks away, a Target employee approaches.

She subsequently escorts the pranksters out of the store telling them,

“C’mon, let’s gotta leave. We can’t have you playing, okay.”

You can check out the video here:


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The mannequin prank challenge is hugely popular on TikTok. There are over 1.3 BILLION views of thousands of prank videos.

The idea is simple. Pretend to be a mannequin in a store and see if anyone notices. Many take the prank one step further and try to scare the living daylights out of passers-by.

More than 36K people have commented on the video and it’s obvious they have feelings

Many of the commenters sided with the prankster, target-ing both the girl and her mother for being “dramatic.”

screenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

They felt that the girl’s reaction was over the top.

screenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

screenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless
Although to be fair, I would have jumped out of my skin if it had been me. (And then probably laughed hysterically.)

One person stuck up for the girl’s reaction, saying:

“She’s obviously crying because she didn’t think a mannequin would move y’all. She’s a kid. Even a grown person would jump.”

As for her mother? She was branded a “Karen” and told to take her mini-me with her.

screenshot of TikTok comment @tugrecklessscreenshot of TikTok comment @tugrecklessOthers were more concerned about why the little girl was trying to sit on a mannequin in the first place.

After all, “if it ain’t a chair, don’t sit on it.” 

screenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

One person viewed it as a good learning experience. creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

Other commenters were clearly in the opposite camp. They were much more inclined to target the “mannequin,” with one commenter stating:

“Ya’ll are really out here defending a grown man using a store as his playground over a small child. “She shouldn’t sit on store displays”…well, neither should he.”

I mean, she’s not wrong.

And if you are going to sit on a display? Don’t do it in the children’s section.

creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

Which brings us to the inevitable question, why are you dressing up as a mannequin in the first place?

screenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless


One thing everyone could seem to agree on, however, is that the prankster did the right thing by NOT allowing the girl to sit on his lap.

creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

Instead, it was the pranksters who left.

In the end, no harm, no foul. Although there’s no telling the residual effects this may have on the little girl, namely, she’ll probably never look at a mannequin the same way again.

creenshot of TikTok comment @tugreckless

Likely neither will her mother.

Whose side are you on?



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