Telehealth Therapy for Kids: Benefits and How it Works


We are all facing unprecedented challenges right now from a range of sources. With schedule changes, working from home, remote learning, social distancing, and other drastic changes to our daily lives, everyone is dealing with a lot. While we focus on taking care of ourselves and adapting to all these changes, we might forget about other people in our lives that do not have the skills to handle these trying times. Amidst all this uncertainty, we might forget that kids are going through all of these changes too, and they do not have the maturity or life experience to cope with these extreme changes. Thankfully, the current times have created a way for anyone, kid or adult, to talk with a therapist to help manage these stressful situations. Telehealth can help anyone, but it is particularly essential for kids who do not have the skills to deal with the drastic changes happening in their life.

What Is Telehealth And How It Works

Telehealth is a version of talk therapy that arose in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a way for patients to see their providers still. Instead of going to in-person talk therapy, telehealth lets you have your session remotely. Most providers use a secure app that is HIPAA compliant, focused on security, and integrate with practice management software so your provider can safely store your information. You see your provider through the telehealth app with either a video or voice call, and then the session proceeds like any other talk therapy session. However, what takes place in the session is entirely dependent on your child, and your provider as telehealth does not dictate session content. Because you or your child will not see the therapist in-person, you can hold your telehealth session at home or any other place your child feels comfortable.

Most insurance companies have amended plans to cover telehealth as even they recognize in-person sessions are not an option right now. Telehealth lets you and your child continue or start care from the safety of your own home. The massive shift to telehealth has also allowed providers to take on more patients and offer more flexible session times, so you can find a provider that suits your needs. Some therapists specialize in children or family therapy, so look at different available providers to find the best fit for your situation.

Benefits Of Telehealth

The most considerable benefit of telehealth is convenience. Being able to see your provider from your home or having your child talk with a therapist in an environment where they are comfortable is excellent. It can allow your child to open up more than they would have in a traditional office setting. Comfort is a critical aspect of successful talk therapy, and telehealth might help your child progress faster than conventional therapy because they will be more comfortable in their environment.

Telehealth also takes away the need for transportation. You don’t need to get your child ready and in the car way ahead of your appointment to make sure you are not late. Nor do you need to drive back from the appointment, waste gas, and cause pollution when you could use telehealth. While the lack of transportation might not affect you and your family, it might be monumental for others. Other families will not have to drive hours or take public transit just to see their therapist, and during these trying times, the more people that can access care through telehealth, the better.

You may feel that kids are too young to start therapy, but starting therapy young can prepare your child for struggles later in life. Therapy can teach your child skills to manage emotions, stress, and different situations. You could also discover diagnoses early, so you know how to best care for your child as they grow up. You are never too young or too early to work with a therapist to better yourself. During these unprecedented and uncertain times, therapy can help your child understand what is going on and how they can manage the stress.

We are all going through hard times, and your kid might be feeling the effects. Kids might not understand what is going on and why things are changing. They also don’t have the life skills to manage their new situation, but telehealth can help. Use telehealth to help your kid cope with these life changes and develop the skills to handle stresses later in life. While you use telehealth, enjoy the convenience of not needing to travel and having your session anywhere you want. We can all use some help right now, and telehealth is a fantastic way to get it.


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