The Hilarious Moms of Twitter Share What It’s Really Like Raising Boys


If you are a mom of boys, then you understand that living with them can be chaotic, to say the least. The day isn’t complete without something breaking or spilling or leaking — usually in a spot you just cleaned 3 seconds ago. 

And then of course there are the endless fistfights, wrestling matches, and injuries. Lots and lots of injuries. 


Raising boys is exhausting, y’all. It really is. 

Luckily, the moms of Twitter are keeping it real, as always, and helping us laugh at the literal chaos that is raising boys. 

1. It’s really, really messy.

2. And rowdy all the freaking time.

3. Sometimes things get thrown at you.

4. But you learn to watch out.

5. And they can be really sweet.

6. Did I say “sweet”? I meant “gross.”

7. Grosser.


9. Sharing a bathroom with them is not recommended.

10. But if you do, it’s best to come prepared.

11. And remind yourself, over and over again, how much you love them.

12. There are other things, too.

13. Things you don’t even expect.

13. On the bright side, there’s less laundry to do.

14. And those appetites.

15. Serious question: Are boys ever full?

16. But they sure do love us.

17. And we sure do love them!

And all the amazing, disgusting, hilarious things they do.


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