The Truth Is, I’ve Had It With The Girl Drama My Teen Daughter Is Entrenched In

The truth is, I’ve had it.
I’ve had it with the girl drama my teen daughter is entrenched in. I’ve had it with getting calls and texts from her while she’s at school because of other girls shaming her body, whispering behind her back, judging her, calling her names, and just being hateful and ugly.
I’ve had it with being woken up in the middle of the night because my daughter is having a panic attack, is hysterical, is so anxious she’s throwing up.
I’m tired of picking her up from the bus and hearing all about what was said today. I’m tired of her grades plummeting because she can’t concentrate. I’m tired of worrying about her all day every day.

I am so freaking tired.

I am going to call out ANY TEEN GIRL who ridicules, shames, belittles, embarrasses, or bullies another girl. Shame on you!
We as parents have a responsibility to teach our kids compassion! Acceptance. Forgiveness. Grace. Humility. Love.
Above all else, LOVE! Different races, different sexual preferences, different politics, different home environments, different religions. JUST LOVE! We don’t have to agree.
But we do need to love.
If my child is making fun of people or is intolerant, I need to first look at myself and my own actions.


Please. Have a conversation with your teen today. Remind them that the world doesn’t get to tell them who they are. Remind them that they are strong, brave, and beautiful. Remind them to be kind.
Even better,
***If your daughter has gone through it, if you experienced it as a teen, or if YOU TOO are JUST DONE, share this with the hashtag #TodayIAmDone. No girl should have to stand alone.
This originally appeared on the writer’s blog Faith in the Mess.


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