There Are Countless Things Covid Won’t Take From Us. Because We Won’t Let It.

2020….what a freaking trip.
I’m one of those super annoying people who can find the silver lining in nearly any

Glass half full all the way, even when the contents of that glass are drowning me.

It’s partly my personality, and partly how I survived a substantial number of years that quite possibly would have otherwise killed me.
Rose colored glasses firmly in place, walking through the fires of hell.
And it has always worked for me.
Until 2020.

This has been a rough one folks. For everyone for countless reasons, this has been hard. This continues to be hard.

I couldn’t do it.
No silver lining, no protective glasses and every loss and change like tiny cuts from the broken glass, no longer able to hold anything at all.
Our oldest child, our high school senior watching her year slip away. The child with OCD who is germaphobic, who literally watched her worst fears become a reality.
Trying to calm the fears of all of our children when we were terrified ourselves.
Watching people lose jobs, homes, savings and relatives.

2020 is kind of the worst.

But there is one thing I have begun to hold onto. One thing that continues to give me hope and allows me to believe that we will all get through this:
The dogged determination of human beings to find and make joy.
Throughout all of this, babies have been born. Pregnancies have been announced.
Weddings have happened, even if it meant that everyone watched on their computers. Birthdays were celebrated by honks and cheers.
Calls have been made, letters were mailed, meals have been dropped off, countless people have stepped up to help friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers.

People helping people. People loving people. People celebrating people. People finding and giving joy.

Even a pandemic couldn’t stop us.
Life went on.
And that’s amazing.
There are countless things that Covid will not take from us. Because we won’t let it.
Hang on.
Our littlest one learned to ride without her training wheels during a pandemic. My glass is filling up again.
This post originally appeared on Is That Chocolate Or Poop?


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