To My Friend That Loves My Kids Like Her Own


To the friend who likes my kids as much as I do,

Thank you for loving my kids since the day they were born…and allowing that love to bloom daily. Truly, it amazes me.


I mean, I don’t really get it. I always liked kids before I had them, but now that I have my own…yeeeah, I’m good with just mine. The thought of taking care of additional kids exhausts me. But you, no way.

Ever since my children were born, I saw your sincere love for them grow.

When we were at a barbecue, for example, and I had my hands full, you hovered over me asking me what I needed. You’d hold the baby, feed her a bottle, and even change a diaper. And as both of my children get older, your love doesn’t stop.

Everyone wants a mom friend that loves her kids like she does. For the friend that loves my kids as much as her own, I appreciate you. #momlife #friendship #filterfreeparents #momfriends

If I find myself in a bind, you take one of the kids or even both.

When there’s a snow day and I have to work, you offer up childcare quicker than a mom leaving on a girls’ night. And sometimes, you suggest that my kids come over “just because.” Yeah, I so cannot relate to this generosity. And you don’t even mind when I don’t reciprocate, either.

You truly just give and give—never asking for a payback.

The biggest gesture of generosity came when you watched my kids, a toddler and baby at the time, when my very own mother had cancer.

I remember it well—the day my mom was enduring her first chemotherapy. I couldn’t find a single person to watch my kids so that I could be with her. I was simply telling you the unfortunate scenario, with no expectation that you’d watch the kids for a long day, but quickly you volunteered. “I’ll take the kids,” you said. “It’s important that you be with your mom.

You understand what it’s like.

And since you had already gone through the same thing with your own mother, I let you do it. You understood. And as we both know, that wasn’t the only time you watched my children during my mom’s long fight with cancer. My mom and I are both greatly appreciative for those days. In fact, my mom still talks about it to this day.

Everyone wants a mom friend that loves her kids like she does. For the friend that loves my kids as much as her own, I appreciate you. #momlife #friendship #filterfreeparents #momfriends

Let’s not forget about the fact that you spoil my kids like a grandparent, but yet aren’t afraid to reprimand them like a parent.

Yes, you love swinging by just to swoop up the kids to take them to a local ice cream shop in the summer. But within the same breath, if they aren’t listening quite as they should (and we know this happens often!), you aren’t afraid to be firm with them, either. It’s because of this delicate balance why my kids adore you so much.

You know that I truly love your kids, too.

But you understand that doing all of the extra stuff that you do for mine just isn’t how I roll. And that’s okay. Thank you for not making me feel guilty about that. You get that mothers have enough to feel guilty about already. Yes, despite the fact that my kids can annoy you beyond measure, you never allow that to stop your love for them.

And the older they get, I know for a fact, that you’ll always be their favorite.


Your friend who doesn’t like your kids as much as you like mine.
Kidding, not kidding.



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