How to Travel for Work like a Pro


Working moms have two major jobs—raising their families and their career. For those who travel for work, proper planning and management is the key to success. It’s a tough balancing act, but with the following tips and tricks you can travel for work like a pro and still be the best mom in the world.

Get in the TSA Pre-Check Club

Time is money, and airport travel time is even more pricey. Save some time and headache and make your traveling a lot more efficient by applying for TSA Pre-Check status. If you are traveling regularly for work, it’s an easy decision. You get to skip the long security lines with TSA Pre-Check, not to mention keep your work laptop in your bag and shoes on.

Pack the Dry Shampoo

Let’s not be shy moms, sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to wash and dry and style your hair when you’re working around the clock in a different city. When you have important business meetings lined up though, you at least need to look like the put-together mom you are. Use dry shampoo if you don’t have the leisurely window of time to do your hair. It’ll keep hair looking fresh, not greasy and not, well, disheveled. Impressions are important, so maintain a professional one as best you can even when you’re not in your regular routine at home.

Bring Ear Plugs

You may not be around your own screaming children on the plane, but there’s bound to be one that’s frighteningly similar to your own kin. Don’t sacrifice the opportunity to get some shut eye on the plane or in the hotel you’re staying at because of outside distractions. Bring some ear plugs like the noise canceling ones from Hush. These aren’t just regular earplugs but smart ones. You can play ambient sound that’s soothing and at the same time, the smart, connected component still lets the important sounds through, like your alarm or work calls you might get. You’ll get the quality rest you need to be at optimal sharpness, ready to work as soon as you wake up.

Expensify Your Travel Expenses

When you’re traveling for work you’re usually on the company dime, which means you’ll have to expense just about any activity you do during the trip. This can be a huge drag for anyone who travels for work regularly. To make expense reports easier, try using the Expensify online expense report app. It automatically imports expenses and receipts from your credit cards and also features a mobile phone scanner so you can upload receipt images without the risk of losing the paper copy. Additionally, the service works to also allow direct deposit from your company so you can keep track of your budgets and get reimbursed what you are owed immediately.

Get Unlimited Data

If you’re working remotely on a regular basis, having an unlimited data plan is a must. Carriers like T-Mobile offer a wide variety of plans that include free in-flight data and texting on the plane (and unlimited texting and data in 140+ countries)—which is clutch when don’t have a second to spare and you need to shoot off work emails while in the air. On top of staying connected for work purposes while you travel, having a good data plan means you can constantly stay connected with your loved ones at home, as well. So when you’ve downloaded WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime to video chat with the kids and husband, find some peace of mind in knowing that you’re not breaking the bank, and being financially responsible even outside of work mode.

Bring a Portable Charger and Hotspot

You’re likely going to need your electronics when you’re traveling for work and not having them powered up at all times is a risk you should never take. Get a portable charger like the RAVPOWER Portable External Battery Charger. This one is perfect for business travel because it’s completely versatile, with three output ports that can charge your laptop, tablet and phone, all at the same time. Even better, one of ports supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, so when you’re in a crunch in between meetings, you can give your devices a quick boost and ensure the work doesn’t stop.

Work never stops when you’re a mom. And you career definitely shouldn’t ever be put to a halt when you’re traveling on the job. With the aforementioned hacks, you’ll work like a pro when you travel and show everyone who’s boss, not just your family.


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