Turns Out It’s True – They Really Do Grow Up Too Fast


I knew this day would come, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.

When my daughter was first born, I would pass other mothers and sometimes grandmothers that would tell me: “enjoy this, it goes by so fast”.


I would smile and thank them for the reminder, however in the back of my head I’d be thinking: well, right now I’m running on probably 2 hours of sleep, my boobs are leaking, the baby is up all night with colic and projectile vomits every time I feed her.

For young moms, it's hard to imagine your kids growing up, but they do. This heartfelt, inspirational blog post proves it. #growingup #parenting #motherhood #graduation #momlife #parenthood #kids #thebigkidyears

I might even continue my thoughts on how it seems like it’s never going to end.

She doesn’t sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time, and these expensive diapers hold nothing in.

The only time I get a full nights sleep is if she sleeps in our bed, and the looks of judgement I get for that is a whole other story.

I’ve spent countless dollars on the latest baby bottles to try but, she hates every nipple I put in her mouth.

In those early years, the fevers, rashes and the fear with your first ER visit is enough to age you 10 years.

Allergies, choking hazards and accidental falls are always around the bend.

I haven’t even touched on potty training. Have you ever tried to POTTY TRAIN a child that has chronic constipation? It’s agony. I sat on the floor for a good 1-2 hours reading books, singing songs that I made up, dancing and rubbing her back until she was finally able to go.

Eating out at a restaurant was no easy task because you know that the comment of “I have to go potty” is going to come up the second you sit down in your chair. I know it’s always going to be me taking her for the long bathroom ritual while the rest of my family eats as my dinner gets cold.

I kissed boo boo’s on knees, hugged during agonizing relentless night tremors that always left me shaken up and she didn’t even remember them the next day.

I was sometimes forgetful when the tooth fairy visits, but she never seemed to catch on because the tooth fairy always has a good explanation.

I balanced out the additions as our family continued to grow and never…ever missed a napkin note in the lunch box.

I’m a great mom and I would give the world to all of my children.

For young moms, it's hard to imagine your kids growing up, but they do. This heartfelt, inspirational blog post proves it. #growingup #parenting #motherhood #graduation #momlife #parenthood #kids #thebigkidyears

So to the young moms in the thick of things – when it’s your turn, and you’re in that store pushing that new baby of yours, and you’re stopped by that woman that says “enjoy this, it goes by so fast”. Believe her.

You may think it’s hard now, but the hard part is when they actually START TO GROW UP. The problems become more serious and you’re suddenly talking about periods, boys, STD’s, having faith, morals and good character.

The hard part is wondering what they’re doing when they’re not with you and contemplating in your head if you’ve taught her enough to make the right choices.

Here is a picture of my first born on her FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. On the right is the gown she’ll be wearing tomorrow at her 8th grade graduation. She’s moving up to High School soon. Only 4 more years left before she has the choice to leave into this big world on her own.

Enjoy this time mama because it does goes by so fast. Every year, every millisecond is a part of your journey and the bond you create with your children.

I love the relationship I have with my oldest. We laugh at the same jokes and even wear each others clothes. She comes to me when she needs guidance and support.

She even trusts my opinions and calls me if she doesn’t feel secure about something. It’s a new phase. Embrace it.

I knew this day was going to come, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to feel.


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