Mom’s TikTok Goes Viral After She Has Son Apologize to Girl He Called Fat And Ugly


After receiving a call from her twelve-year-old’s teacher, to say that her son had repeatedly called a female classmate ‘fat and ugly’ in a string of abusive texts, Samm Jane, a single mom from Warwickshire, UK was left fuming.


But Jane, 32, didn’t leave school to deal with the issue. Instead, she took charge and shared her story on TikTok.

Screen shot of SammJane2 on TikTok

Having raised her son to respect women, she vowed to get to the bottom of the issue.

So when her son arrived home later that day, she made him unlock his phone to examine the messages he had sent.

In her outspoken video, she tells the viewers her boy labeled the girl a ‘c**t,’ ‘t**t,’ and ‘b**ch,’ among other insults.

Samm Jane said:

“He’d sent this girl texts saying, ‘I never want to see your ugly face in school. Your ugly face and fat body offend me.’ “She’d text him back saying, ‘Stop being horrible to me’. He had also sent voice messages saying ‘Urgh, you’re disgusting’.”

No Respect

Shocked by the blatant disrespect for his classmate, Samm Jane made her son locate her address. She then marched him to the shop to spend 10 pounds of his birthday money on flowers and chocolate before taking him to the girl’s house.

The victim’s father reacts

After knocking on the door, the girl answered. Samm Janne asked for her parents and told her son to apologize.

The boy mumbled sorry.

Samm Jane says: “I made him say what he was sorry for. The mum wasn’t aware of it; the girl hadn’t told her mum. I repeated everything that my son said to her, and the girl’s dad said, ‘I’m not going to lie mate, if you were a grown-ass man and you said that to my daughter, I would have kicked your head in’.”

The girl accepted his apology and the gifts. The pair are friends now.

The consequences of bullying

With around one in five kids aged 10 to 15 years reported to be bullied in England, this is an issue parents need to take seriously.

Long-term bullying could result in psychological effects, such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-harming behavior.

Samm Jane is all too aware of these consequences as she was bullied as a kid. She feels her son must understand what he did was wrong and why.

She told one news outlet

“I want him to understand what he did was wrong. I wanted him to know there were consequences for his actions.”

“I’m raising a man. My son doesn’t have that male role model so I have to teach him how to be a man and make sure he’s respectful to people.”

Parents praise brave mom

Samm Jane’s story has gone viral and was picked up by several news outlets. Many parents praised her on TikTok:

‘Proper old school parenting, well done. You’re a great mum and a great person.’

Another shared:

‘Yes queen. If my boys ever do anything like this, I will be doing exactly the same!! So proud of you.’

By making him apologize to his victim and teaching him to be respectful to girls, she has shown him how to become the man she knows he can be.

You can watch her full video here: 

@sammjane2 #raisingaboy #angrymum #respect ? original sound – Samm Jane

 This post originally appeared on Medium and is reposted here with permission. 


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