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A blog about the adventures of a middle-aged mom suffering from Motherhood Unintentional Distraction Disorder, otherwise known as MUDD. MUDD is the inability to complete a thought or action without being distracted by 14 million other things related to motherhood: balancing work and home life, taking care of pets, changing poopy diapers, cooking, cleaning, shopping, changing poopy diapers…you see where this is going, right?

If you’re a mom, you’ve probably experienced two or three or 500,000 episodes of MUDD since reaching this extraordinary status quo. And that’s okay! The only moms who haven’t experienced this phenomenon are fictional characters like June Cleaver and Marion Cunningham and nanny-packing divas like Angelina Jolie and Beyonce.

But seriously. I am a mom with MUDD. My days are crazy, my nights are sleepless and my brain is toast. This is my wild journey. Won’t you come along?

Learn more about my adventures and who I am here.


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