What is a mother?


Although I am well-connected online and manage a number of industry-specific groups, I have made it a point to keep my Facebook network small – reserved for true friends, family and close colleagues. In this group, there are stay-at-home-moms, doctors, lawyers, retirees, writers and so on – just a truly great circle of human beings. So the other day, I reached out to them and asked, “What is a mother?” Their individual responses warmed my heart. Here are some of their replies:

J.D.: “A nurturer, protector and educator who puts her children’s safety and welfare before all else.”

L.S.G.: “Someone who loves you, cares for you and worries about you from the moment she finds out she is pregnant for the rest of her life.”

S.H.B.: “As much a verb as a noun.”

L.W.: “Safe harbor.”

S. B.: “A teacher, a mentor, a last resort, a protector, and a friend.”

A.F.: “A teacher, a confidante (for girls anyway; can’t speak for boys), someone who hurts when you hurt, who loves you unconditionally, who provides an understanding shoulder to cry on when you feel like your heart will never mend.”

P.A.W.G.: “A producer, director, caterer, chauffeur.”

G.C.: “A mother is love.”

J.G.P.: “One who puts her children’s needs ahead of her own. One who gives herself and her time 24/7, and does it with love, caring and compassion. One who devotes her life to bringing up her children to be honest, loving, responsible, respectful adults. One who is up at 3:00 a.m. cleaning up vomit, taking temperatures, kissing away nighmares, finding that special teddy bear. One who is always in tune to her children’s needs, and is only one call of “Mommy” away, even when she’s in a deep sleep.”

What do you think? What is a mother?


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