What Are You Afraid Of????


Last week my youngest son asked me, “Mom, why aren’t you afraid of anything?” I laughed and said, “Oh Buddy, I am afraid of lots of things.” As adults our fears change and mine can sometimes be perceived as a bit crazy. Check out my new video, What Are You Afraid Of??? and let me know if we share any of the same fears. Thank you for watching, reading, commenting, and sharing. I truly appreciate the support.


  1. I fear, you are my twin! Add to the list–toilet paper! I subscribe & save on Amazon… Toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste etc. are delivered to my door step monthly!
    Thank you hurricane Sandy for teaching me the value of my Amazon Prime membership , while others wiped w/leaves..Amazon & UPS still delivered toiletries! Never have to go back to the store with 3 kids & a grocery cart for large items!

    About the importance of wine:
    Every time I go to wine store—I buy 2 cases to stock pile my stash
    (becuz leaving my house is scary; I feel a child may open the car door while driving on the interstate and they fall out -it was a nightmare I had that felt real!)
    Anyway—wine store employees think I’m hosting a “Big Bash!” And always have a comment about “dang, someone knows how to party”
    My reply–“yes, I know how to party! But I don’t share or have people over. I watch dumb reality tv while drinking my goods; pretending I’m best friends with crazy” –then honestly reply “Seriously, I just really hate driving to your store, but it has the best prices for my good wine!”

    • Hi Ariana,
      I love it. Stock up and save girl!!! I hear you on that one. I am so glad you are loving the page and the videos. We are a special kind of crazy 🙂

      • Just now watching the WinesDay video — So, I’m adding to this post, because running out of food to throw at whining kids is another fear of mine!
        YES Publix now delivers through Shipt! It’s like Uber for Publix – awesome!! t’s a True Game Changer haha!
        **and I love that you don’t get football either! I’m with ya! xoxo
        someday, I’ll get on Winesday and Momosa Monday during a live broadcast.
        ~Mother of 3 = Cray over here!

  2. I get negative posts though I don’t blog. But I enjoy my inappropriate language and describing my demons in training recent adventure into the toilet, my lack of energy to.shower, how.giving kids cake for breakfast once avoided a meltdown so it’s all good, chasing a 1 yr old before her hand digs into that poopy diaper and creates an incident so nasty, skipping baths because it’s just too much work, and just being so fed up I shut it all.down and they all marched to bed, at6:30, ranting with the crazy look in my eyes to stay put or I will take away ice cream and all.The Disney frigging channels. I enjoy reading the reprimanded like I was a.naughty toddler..you should be ashamed.missy, kids are a joy and blessing. You should.be nurturing, not demeaning…yeah right, says the 25 yr old with one kid and Nanny, sitting in your white white tennis mini glowing with a spray tan. Save it. They couldn’t survive real.life at this home for one day. Keep being inappropriate and we are there right with ya.


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