When Parenting Breaks You – Don’t Give Up.


There will be moments as a parent when you will feel crushed.

Don’t give up.


There will be hours, days, when you doubt everything you are doing. Every decision. Every thought.

Don’t walk away.

From the instant you hear your child’s first desperate cry at birth, to the day you wave them off to kindergarten, to move-in day at college when you leave your heart in a tiny dorm room full of endless dreams and possibilities, you will make millions of decisions about and for your child.

Some will be easy. You’ll barely break a sweat.

And some will break you down because they are so important and overwhelming.

Don’t stay down.

Get up.

This is not a friend you just met.

This is not a passing acquaintance.

This is your child.

When that moment comes, and it will, when you ask yourself, “What now? What more can he possibly throw at me?” and you wonder why it feels like every time you turn around it is just something else to deal with, stop.

Look in his eyes.

Don’t. Give. Up.

Every time you fight for what is best for him you represent strength and perseverance.

Every time you go to battle with her over the no’s and the yes’s and the infinite abyss in between, you demonstrate respect for boundaries and responsibilities.

You won’t always be right. Sometimes you have to say, “I’m sorry. I got that wrong and I will do better next time.” When you do, you model humility.

And every time you enforce a consequence, you show love.

Don’t give up.

Quitting is easy.

Saying “I’M DONE WITH YOU!” is only fear and doubt.

Don’t give up.

A parent’s heart was made to shatter over and over and heal over and over.

You can do this. And while you are doing it, you are teaching them to be ready for the moments when they won’t give up.

This post originally appeared on Mama Needs A Nap. Follow her here: Mama Needs a Nap by Lauri Walker 


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