You’re Not an Introvert, Mama. You’re Just So Damn Tired


A friend calls and you just can’t bring yourself to answer the phone.
“Call you later,” you quickly text back.

Your child’s teacher asks if you want to be involved in the PTA. Your immediate thought? “No way!”


A friend invites you out for drinks on a Friday night. You politely decline as you slip into a comfy pair of sweats and turn on Netflix.

A birthday party invitation arrives home in your son’s backpack, and a sense of dread immediately washes over you.

As you sigh into your cold cup of coffee (that has already been warmed up 3 times that day), a new thought creeps in.

“When did I become such an introvert? I used to love socializing.”

Sound familiar?

If you can relate to these situations, you might wonder if you’ve undergone a major personality shift since becoming a mother. Chances are, it’s nothing that extreme.

You aren’t an introvert, mama. Motherhood has just left you so damn tired.

Remember back in the day when your evening of fun didn’t even BEGIN until 10:00 pm? (Hard to believe, I know.) You and your gal pals would dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning.

Now the thought of going out to a crowded bar until 1 a.m. sounds like the least appealing thing ever.

Have you turned into an introvert?


It’s just that by 10:00 p.m. you are flat worn out.

You have probably already been up for eighteen hours because your kid crawled into your bed at 4:00 a.m. that morning and proceeded to kick you in the back while you unsuccessfully tried to fall back asleep.


Or you had to get up to pee multiple times during the night because your bladder has basically never been the same since giving birth.

Or your child had a bad dream. Or they thought they saw a bug at 3:00 a.m. Or the baby decided that sleep was overrated. The possibilities are endless.

You’re not an introvert, mama. You’re just damn tired.

Before kids, you enjoyed catching up with friends over the phone. Now, when your phone rings, you immediately let it go to voice mail.

Have you turned into an introvert?


It’s just that you have been answering question after question ALL. DAY. LONG. You are talked out. And you know that even if you do attempt to have a decent phone conversation, your kids will likely ruin it.

The second you answer, your children (who were completely occupied just moments before) will find you and immediately start fighting right by your ear.

Or they will be dying of hunger. Or they will need you to answer the most important question in the entire history of the world right that second.

You’re not an introvert, mama. You’re just damn tired.

You might love your kid’s teacher and their school. And in theory, being on the PTA sounds like it would be something you would enjoy—meeting other parents, planning fun social events for the school, etc. But you have zero interest. Zilch. Nada.

Have you turned into an introvert?


It’s just that you already have a calendar that is packed to the brim, and the thought of adding one more thing to it makes you break out in hives.

You’re not an introvert, mama. You’re just damn tired.

There are so many reasons why motherhood leaves us completely exhausted.

(I could have easily added a plethora of other things to this list, and I’m certain you could, too.) It is mentally and physically hard on all personality types.

But if you have always considered yourself an extrovert, and are feeling way more introverted since having kids, you are not alone.

The extroverted side of your personality is still a part of you. It is just currently buried under 7 baskets of laundry, the heavy mental load you constantly carry, and a never-ending to do list.

You’re not an introvert, mama. You’re just so damn tired.


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