3 Must-Have Parental-Control Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe Online


For many, technology improves the comfort and quality of life. It makes it easier to obtain information online, check email, and chat with friends from all over the globe. However, parenting in this digital age is associated with many challenges. Online child predators, cyberbullying, and identity theft are notable concerns for all parents. Using parental-control apps can help keep your children safe.

Here are must-have apps for every digital-conscious parent:


KidLogger is free yet powerful. It tracks your child’s activities online, including what they type and the sites visited. It comes with a sound recorder, and this is crucial for parents who are concerned about their kids speaking to strangers online.

If your child tries to tamper with the voice recorder while using their Samsung phone, this may be a hint that they don’t want you to know who they communicate with online. So, search “sell Samsung phone,” and you’ll get different sites to help you sell that device. Buy selling their phone; you will have acted to your parental decree of ensuring your child’s safety until they get of age.


The bark parental control uses machine learning to recognize negative behavior on a child’s mobile phone. These can be things like sexting, suicidal thoughts, cyberbullying, or depression, and it also notifies you of such threats. The app is compatible with most social media platforms commonly used by kids. And what’s more? Unlike other parental control software, it defends your child while safeguarding their privacy.


SafeToNet is a leading cyber safety firm that shields kids from sex extortion, bullying, aggression, and abuse on social media. It’s also a messaging app, and many parents love it. It bars your child from sending or receiving inappropriate messages on social media platforms messaging apps. While using this free parental control app, you get to know what your child sends or receives online always.

Parental control software is a handy tool for every busy parent. It assists kids in understanding their limits to stay safe in the digital world. They stop your child from visiting unwanted sites and viewing restricted content. By installing a parental control app, you protect your child online, and this gives you peace of mind.



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