4 Fun and Festive Fall Birthday Party Ideas for Kids



It’s hard to believe, but your fall baby is going to have another birthday soon. To celebrate his or her special day, consider one of these fun party themes — all of which involve getting outside into the lovely autumn weather:

Camping Party

If your child is asking for a sleepover party, transform your backyard into a campground. Set up tents for the kids to sleep in, or, if the weather is too cold or rainy, put the tents in your family room.

Have your campers make shadow puppets for a fun activity. Print out some free animal templates, and give the kiddos thick paper in a variety of colors, scissors, thin wooden dowels, tape and flashlights. Once the animal puppets are done and it’s dark outside, head out and have them put on a show.

Light a fire in a barbecue or fire pit, and bring out the fixins for s’mores. Serve birthday cupcakes made to look like campfires by topping each cupcake with green frosting, several pretzel stick logs and red fondant fire.

Costume Party

Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite superhero, Disney character, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or whatever theme your child wants for a costume party. If you don’t want to piece together a costume, find your child a terrific costume at a year-round retailer like MorphCostumes. This costume site features dozens of high-quality kids costumes at affordable prices, including Minions, Spiderman and zombies.

Once you select your theme, find outdoor party game ideas that match the kids’ characters. For example, Two Sisters Crafting has instructions on how to make play snow using corn starch, shaving cream and glitter, which is perfect for your little Olafs and Annas. Set up the ingredients on a picnic table and have your guests make little snowmen and snowballs for a snowball fight.

Old-Fashioned Games Party

An outdoor fall birthday party is the perfect excuse to get the kids moving with some old-fashioned games. Better Homes and Gardens has a bunch of creative ideas, including bubble wrap hopscotch. For this game, cut bubble wrap into nine rectangles and use a large Sharpie to number each from 1 to 9. Then, place them into a hopscotch pattern and watch as the kids go nuts jumping on the pieces and popping the bubbles.

Another fun outdoor game is elevated tug-of-war. Have the kids stand on sturdy plastic milk crates about 10 feet apart and pull on a rope to force his or her opponent to hop off.

For food, classics like barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers are great options. Serve them with chips, veggies and cupcakes.

Tailgating Party

If your birthday boy or girl loves sports, an outdoor tailgating party is a fun idea. Depending on what your child likes, focus on a specific sport or make it a general sports theme. For games, play traditional tailgating games like horseshoes and Frisbee.

Make a cornhole game by cutting a rectangular hole in a large cardboard box, and then paint it your child’s favorite team’s colors. Grab a bunch of bean bags and see who can toss theirs into the hole.

For food, serve classic tailgating foods like extra long subway sandwiches, chili, chips and boneless chicken wings.


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