Household Dangers Lurk EVERYWHERE (Infographic)


Think your family is safe as soon as they step into the house? Think again. While you may not realize it, several everyday household items hold potential dangers to your children if you’re not careful. Here are the most potentially harmful items in and around your house, plus what to do to prevent hazardous situations.

Medications, even the “safe” ones like ibuprofen, can cause bad reactions and often don’t interact well with other medications, making it essential to talk to your pharmacist when picking up multiple medications. Several household plants can also be potentially toxic, such as hydrangeas, irises, and ivy; keep these plants out of the reach of children or pets.

Children and elderly relatives are at high risk of falling on slick tiles in a bathroom, so having a grab bar and anti-slip mats are essential for a family-friendly home. Also, each year, more than 25,000 children are injured by televisions or other furniture falling on them. Anchor televisions and heavy furniture to the walls to prevent them from tipping over and injuring someone.

Your children may love your dog Spot, but they’re probably not too excited to clean up after Spot’s messes in the yard. However, animal feces can contain disease-causing parasites that can lead to dangerous illnesses. Other pests and rodents have harmful diseases, and they should be eradicated immediately with the help of a licensed animal control professional.

Outside your house, you might see dozens of tiny mushrooms sprout up on your lawn. While your children may be tempted to taste them, many mushrooms are poisonous and can be deadly when eaten. Talk to your children about the dangerous of eating unidentified plants so that they know not to taste anything they find in your yard.

It’s your job to keep your family safe. With these suggestions, you can prevent accidents and illnesses in your home so that your family lives long, happy lives in the home that you all love.



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